this is so fake!!!

  1. i own several valerie's - my favorite dooney design!! - and i have NEVER seen a zebra striped one!!! and to make it even worse - this tacky fake has a dooney button on the front. it is supposed to be something totally different! i reported it so i am going to see how long it stays up!

    the rest of the pics are here - look at the leash inside the bag!:amazed:
  2. I'm not totally sure if it's fake or not but it looks identical to the zebra shopper on QVC. They might just have the name of the bag wrong. The leash in my new bag(bought at Macy's) is the same. But what do I know. :huh:

  3. i have never seen a valerie bag has a leather dooney patch on the front. it is always the duck. and unless they have brought back a discontinued style with a new look - this is fake.
  4. It's not a Valerie. Go look on QVC. It's called a canvas zebra print shopper.

  5. i stand corrected. thank you yorkielove.
  6. Dang I thought QVC sent me a fake. He he. It is at the outlet too.
  7. :graucho::graucho:

    so sorry rebecca! it was supposed to read - "IS this so fake" but i was doing something else as i posted and that is the end result. it came out as a statement instead of a question!!!

    so sorry ladies!!
  8. Well, with eBay, you never know. :rolleyes:
  9. I think this is the one from QVC. You can see it even has the key fob (which you get with a lot of Dooney bags at QVC). It's listed correctly because that's the name of that shape. QVC sometimes calls them something different, usually a pretty generic name.