This Is So Dumb

  1. I have a stupid question to ask... where is the datecode on my speedy 25 (monogram):wtf: (its real, i bought it at a lv store in tysons corner va)
  2. lift up the pocket flap and it should be right under there
  3. whats the pocket flap (stupid question)
  4. The pocket inside the bag is called a "flap pocket". Just lift that up, it's stamped on one of the pieces of vachetta.
  5. inside the bag, the little pocket thats attached. if you flip it up the date code should be underneath it
  6. OOO i did type pocket flap didnt i. i was typing ahead of my thinking again. hehehe. uhm what she said ..flap pocket
  7. Sometimes my fingers are faster than my brain too.. haha. :graucho:
  8. :crybaby: :wtf: its not there!
  9. open your bag, lift up the pocket inside the bag, take it infront of a window and you will see it on one of the tabs under the pocket.

    perhaps you can post poc's of the tabs under the pocket.
  10. It should be here:
  11. It should be there, just look closely..I am sure the print of the date code is still clear considering you got it recently.
  12. did you find it? =)
  13. OO tysons corner i always shop at that one its a nemains in tysons II its small but i fell great evertime i go in there i mean even thought i live in the city when i see relatives who live in mcLean i go there everytime love that mall tysons II there is versace burberry chanel salvatore f love it most of all LV

    anyway did u find the date code
  14. i finally found it... now here's another dumb question

    does the zippy orginizer have a datecode? if it does, where is it?
  15. Why am I getting a funny feeling about this thread?