This is so damn cute!!!

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  1. ^ Ita. =)
  2. Oh My God!!! Its Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ^OMG!!it's so cuteee!!! :drool:
  4. What color is Vermillion? is it the red pictured?
  5. Very cute!
  6. how cute is that.. i need one in TAN!
  7. OMG!! That would match my Paddy too :heart:
  8. So cute! And BONUS, I could totally irritate my friends by telling them I have a TAN Paddy too. :roflmfao:
  9. So dinky and cute! :heart:
  10. That is so cute!
  11. It's a must have!!! Soooooo cute. Love it!
  12. Adorable!!!
  13. OK, I almost hit the "buy" button but I resisted because I don't even carry my keys that much! SOOOO CUTE!
  14. Stinkin cute.
    Makes me want to carry my keys all the time!