This is so cute!!

  1. Last night I was talking to my DH about LV... I just bought a black epi noe that I *love* but he said that he prefers the monogram line better. I pointed out that I wanted to have black AND brown purses in my LV line-up.

    "Brown? I thought your Louis Vuitton bags were green." - DH

    I nearly peed myself laughing! He's colorblind, so for the past 4-5 years he's thought that the monogram line was an army green. We've known each other since we were 12, and I'm in no way laughing AT him or anyone else that's colorblind.. I've always been purse obsessed and we even made it a game where he would pick out what purse I would carry that day, I just had to tell him if it was a 'brown' or 'black' outfit, so I thought he knew! I guess he's just had a lot of lucky picks...I could have sworn I'd told him before, I just thought it was so cute.
  2. i seriously think 98% of men are colour blind
  3. LOL green. I'm not laughing at him either, but that is funny. My husband isn't color blind but when I see what he wears or would pick out for me, he might as well be.:yucky:
  4. omg that's so funny! good thing you're not color blind too and depending on him for the right answer! lol
  5. that's funny!
  6. hehe, that is so cute! =)
  7. my bf's colour blind too! we have very long discussions over the colour of things he seems to forget that I'm the one that see's colour correctly
  8. Hahah!
  9. :roflmfao: I can totally imagine my dad saying the same thing!!! That's funny!
  10. oh and ps :love:
  11. Your DH is funny. :p
  12. :lol:
  13. i think my dad is color blind. he gets yellow and red confused..
    hmmm. lol
  14. hehe so cute!! That's so nice that you can talk to your DH about LV!
  15. So sweet that he'll pick out purses for you. Mine makes fun of me that I'll change mine to match my outfits.