This is so cute!!

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  1. Since I was feeling bummed about loosing my scarf.. I was browsing through the ELux site and came across this. It's so cute for spring. I ordered it and am going to tuck it away for spring... I was surprised how inexpensive it was.
    This just makes me want to smile!!:yes::smile:

  2. That's not only cute but pretty!!! congrats!! I am sorry about your scarf..I am glad this new baby can cheer you up *hugs*
  3. It's just gorgeous, and I agree, it will look perfect in spring!!
  4. that is really cute! Definantely reminds me of spring, it actually feels like spring in New York, since we still havent experienced any "winter" feelings yet!
  5. Cuute! Are you still getting a scarf,too?
  6. OMG, I want one!!! I love that!!! :smile:
  7. Yes, I think while DH is on a plane again next week, I am going to take a trip into Houston and look at some. :graucho:
  8. You have to show us more pictures when you receive it!
  9. I love it!! congrats!:yahoo:
  10. cute. congrats
  11. That is super cute!
  12. Congratulations! It is a very cute piece. This sure will lift your spirit up from the scarf situation:yes:
  13. love it what a lovely little piece to pick you up....
  14. I love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  15. Isn't it...I love it too, the matching earings are really cute too.