This is so cute!!

  1. I love this!!! It's almost rainy season!!!!

  2. that is darling! That would just brighten a rainy day up!!! :yes:
  3. That is adorable! Funny, it is supposed to rain here today!

    I am in love with the Legacy Stripes!
  4. I have that umbrella!
  5. really cute! Too bad it doesn't rain much here in the desert!:p Now, if I lived in Seattle, I'd be all over that brellie!!!:graucho:
  6. Soo so cute!
  7. I love Coach umbrellas! There are quite a few that I'd love to have. I've never bought one, though, because they are really expensive and I am seemingly able to trash an umbrella every couple months. Just a couple months ago I trashed one in ONE DAY. The wind caught it just right and it was curtains.
  8. I love that umbrella! It is so cute! I would love a Coach umbrella but I would always worry about ruining it :sad:
  9. I could use one right now, it's been raining all morning.
  10. HEY!! It doesn't rain as often here as the media leads you to believe!!! And usually when it does rain it's just a steady rain not a downpour like they show in movies lol :p :angel:

    Seattle's average rainfall is 942 mm (37.1 inches) per year, less than New York City with 1173 mm (46.2 inches). :flowers:

    Oh, and I love the umbrella also!!!!
  11. yeah it is really cute!!! I need one of those for the freaking rainy season here ...:tup:
  12. OMG that IS cute! I love it! Is it on the website!??

    I live in Florida so all summer all we get is rainy sunfilled days OR scary thunderstorms and my dorm room is like a 1/2 mile away from my nearest class so....yes...i need this!
  13. I saw a purple scarg print umbrella in someones collection...I thought that was cute too! I dont even remember seeing it before too!
  14. That's adorable! I'd be afraid of getting it wet.

    Oh wait..
  15. ^^lol! i needed that yesterday it was all rainy out. it's so cute and sure to brighten a cloudy day!