this is so crazy!!

  1. My sa just called me and said she has a rough 32 kelly.I didn't know what to say . She said she would charge it if I did not want they would do a charge back! So of course I said yes.The leather I think she said was something viche?? I don't know what that is,maybe I heard her wrong.because of work I told her I could not pick it up for at least a week.Should I take it? What do you guys think? :yes:
  2. Vache Liagee? That's one of the newer leathers and I'm not too familiar with it. What HW, Souple or rigide?

    How exciting!
  3. she said ph,and that the leather was like goat with out the spine and yes that is the name of the leather vache liagee, She did say it was a new leather.and it is rigide Does it sound like a good combo? thank you Greentea.
  4. Sounds wonderful! So glad you got it!
  5. Congrats! That sounds beautiful! :biggrin:
  6. I'd go and see the leather. If it speaks to you, then it's a winning combo! Most people around here seem to prefer Rouge H with gold but I'm a huge fan of it with palladium - very modern!
    RH is a fabulous color!
    Let us know!!
  7. Oh Toonie, it wounds magnificent! Go take a look at it as Greentea says because the bag has to strike you when you see it! Like love at first sight! With PH? Oh, I think that's got to be one gorgeous bag!!! Rouge H is a beautiful color!!!!!
  8. Toonie, congratulations on the offer! If I were you, I'd try my best to see and feel the leather first. Personally, I don't like this particular leather too much but everyone has his own preferences. Rouge H is gorgeous and is the signature color of Hermes! I'm with GT; I prefer silver pall. with it, too. Keep us posted! =)
  9. You have to love it! Don't just get it because you were offered!!!

    Rouge is beautiful.
  10. thank you all for your advice.I will wait to see it in person.Kelly bag I totally agree with you .I was compleatly surprised with my sa, calling out of the blue.She kept saying it's so beautiful,so of course I had to say yes. I'm just not sure of the leather.She did say it was not shiny and would not scratch.:flowers:
  11. If anything today I did learn,that Hermes does call to offer bags over the phone.Which I am so happy about. And they charged It. something that I thought I would never be able to do Via phone.I also asked about getting a birkin in goat skin and she said it was possable,she would let me know.I didn't want to bombard her with to many questions over the phone.So I'll wait till I see her:biggrin:
  12. *ahem* They kind of bend the rules once they get to know you.
  13. :yes: :graucho: :rolleyes:
  14. Sounds beautiful! Rough-Hermes, yes, lovely color!Sounds like a wonderful combo!! 32 in Rough-H, rigide w/ph!! WOW!

    Please post pics if you get her! Would love to see how R-H looks in that leather..cause, of course, on Chevre is is TDF! :biggrin:
  15. Actually, now that I think of it, my SA also offered to charge my new Kelly on the phone....In fact, he's got not only my cc number but my debit card number on file.....hmmmmm...I'm not sure that's too good of an idea.