This is SO aggravating!

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  1. I know there are threads on fakes here and this is just one more, so mods feel free to move this thread if you feel needed.

    In my local area we have a website where you can post things to buy, kind of like Craigslist but just for our area. I usually browse the 'fashion accessories' classifieds to see if I can scrore any good deals!

    Tonight I decided to look and I find an ad that says "LV Artsy - Brand new" and so I clicked on it and read the description. This person is saying "this is an exact replica, just like the real thing!" OMG it made me SO annoyed! I just want to message the person and beat it into their heads that fakes are not good! :pout::censor:

    I usually find it rude to ask if someones bag is real, so is it equally rude to point out someones fake?! Even when they know it's fake?! I know better than to message this person, but I soo want to!
  2. It's illegal to sell counterfeits, even if the seller knows it's counterfeit. So flag the listing.
  3. The site doesn't have a flagging system to report such things, sadly.
  4. Aggravating or not, there is nothing you can do. Try not to lose sleep over it, and just appreciate your own LVs more!
  5. You can probably contact the site's administrators to inform them about listing. I encounter listings selling fake bags like that all the time even in social networking sites. Annoying!
  6. You can flag listings on Craig's List and they'll be removed.

  7. Yup! I've seen this happen to listings for puppies lol.
  8. Yeah, unfortunately some people use puppies to scam other people. You also are not supposed to give puppies away for free... it's better to charge $75-100 per puppy to prevent dog fighters from taking the free puppies to use as bait dogs and torture.
  9. You'd only be wasting your time. The seller knows it fake and is willing to take the risk in the name of making a few dollars. I'd flag it and keep moving along. Don't let it bother you too much. Enjoy your LVs! :smile:
  10. Speaking of fakes, a friend of mine just got back to the US from a long trip to China. She said some of the fake bags she saw there looked EXACTLY like the real thing, even felt and smelled like the real thing. This is a girl who has multiple bags from many premiere designers. I see lots of fake bags here and there, some obvious and some not so obvious, but it is upsetting to think fakes could be that hard to detect.
  11. Changing someone's opinion about fakes is like changing their opinion about religion or politics - it's just not done, and if it is, it's not easy.

    The only thing you can do is report it or tell them it's illegal.
  12. It's sad how people who buy fakes (counterfeits) goods are not informed about how these items are made in sweatshops with child labor and possible funding criminal activity too. I think if more people knew these things, they would think twice before they buy a fake whatever item.
  13. I find it better when they do say it's fake.. Saves me time from considering it.. I have seen local ads that say "authentic" and I can tell it's a fake... THIS is what I find aggravating, not the ppl who clearly say it's a fake.