This is sick.

  1. Well, not that I condone the slaughter of dogs, but this is quite similar to the extermination of millions of kettle during the fear of Mad Cow disease, or the recent killing of chicken/turkies over the fear of H5N1.

    Sad, but humans take their lives over the life of animals.
  2. I was mostly referring to the taking (and beating to death right there) of the dogs being walked by their owners. Chickens and cows are not pets, and were probably not beaten to death in front of their owners.
  3. Obviously, that is sad. I concur. :shame:
  4. ^I understand the need to control rabies. There are rabies vaccines and tests. I just don't see why, if they needed to euthanize, they did so in such a ghastly manner? Cultural differences, eh?
  5. It sounds like they need to put a vaccination program in place, although I'm sure they have other people-related health priorities. It shows how difficult it is to manage primarily rural countries going through such rapid economic growth.

    Very, very sad, however. Especially in the year of the dog.
  6. China is known for their cruel fur industry (cats and dogs among other animals are used) and things like this just reinforce China´s reputation as a non-animal sympathetic country. When you think it can´t get worse, it does.
  7. Do they not have someone in government that is able to make a more intelligent decision?? Allowing people to steal your dog from you and then proceed to beat them to death in front of your face??! I would effing flip out. *sigh* anyways, this is simply mass murder, and nothing is being done as a preventitive? I'm really holding back on how disgusting I think this is, these threads make my adrenaline kick in.
  8. It's a cultural difference. Just like u eat what is avail for you. Those countries are really poor so they eat ANYTHING. Not like how we have choices like Fried chicken or Filet Mignon!!! What do you think of Cannibals?

    I'm Asian,Vietnamese to be exact, I am against this, but what can I do? I heard the meat tastes real good, but i'm not ever going to look forward to trying it anyday.
  9. This thread is about killing dogs because of potential rabies, not killing them for the meat.:yes:
  10. I wouldn't say it's cultural difference, cruelty is not a part of Chinese culture. It's just that they don't have the funds to do a nationwide vaccination program. They're still a country that's going through growing pain and unfortunately, there're other things that take precedence for them right now. I don't condone what they did with the dogs (beating them to death in front of the owners), but it does appear that they don't have enough funds to implement a vaccination program and this is the only other option they have. With regards to the fur trade and such, those are illegal and Chinese government are taking steps to squash it but as with lots of illegal trades, that takes time (at least they're trying to do something about it, which is better than the Canadian government allowing the massacre of baby seals). Anyways, I don't agree with killing the dogs, but I just thought I want to put this as I don't want this thread to become a let's-bash-on-Chinese thread ...
  11. I don't think anyone would want to bash China for this, there are plenty of horendous things that happen in the U.S. and in Canada as you mentioned, everyday. But I don't think this decision was responsible, nor do i think it is effective long-term.
  12. And there is almost no human rights in China.
  13. I agree, it's not a responsible decision. If anything, it's a temporary bandaid that is extremely insensitive. An effective long-term policy would be to implement a vaccination program. However, until they have the funds, it will not be possible. I was thinking perhaps testing teh animals for rabies but that too will be costly. I think that they really should consider doing is licensing ownership of pets. That can also help control the number of pets that are available as well as the any over-population of pets and possibilities of disease.

    As for human rights ... they seemed to be trying to work on it and have made some headways - still have some ways to go, that's for sure. Unfortunately, I think as long as the country remain communist, it's going to be an uphill battle. I know they're trying really hard to encourage people to come and invest in China (and many cities there are going strong these days), but they still have lots of underlying problems. I've visited China several times and I love the place. That country has so much potential too ...

  14. Same here.

    Unbelievably barbaric, unacceptable and totally unnecessary behaviour.

    By doing things like this (amongst many other things, including their killing of female babies and treatment of female children in general and the skinning of dogs, cats and other animals alive, for fur), China is giving the impression, to the rest of the world, that it is completely uncivilised.

    If China ever wants to be taken seriously in the world, why on earth doesn't the Chinese goverment try harder to sort itself and its country out?

    It's not as though they are the first country in the world to experience economic growth; or diseases such as rabies. They have plenty of other countries to look to for advice, if they chose to do so...

    If the Chinese authorities were a person, I would tell them to grow up!