1. [​IMG]



    Does whatever a SPIDER PIG does

    Can he swing

    From a web

    No he cant

    He's a pig


    He is a SPIDER PIG!!

  2. tooo funny!! I laughed so hard at the movies
  3. Watch out!!! I have a chainsaw!! Brrrum brrrum brrrrm brrm
  4. i loved the movie!
  5. That was the only part of that terribly dissapoiting movie that i enjoyed.
  6. The Simpsons have never really made it to my radar, but snippets of Simpsonalia such as this make me wonder if there might be more depth there than I had suspected...
  7. LOL! that was funny. unfortunately, I haven't seen the movie yet..
  8. Lol, that's my favourite part!!! I want me a Spider Pig, too!
  9. EXCUSE ME-he is Harry Porker now!!
  10. I loved the movie! Especially that part.
  11. Actually, it's Harry Plopper.
  12. I loved that part.

    I also loved the choral arrangement of that song during the end credits!
  13. =( I thought we agreed no spoilers!!! LOL!!!
  14. I'm sorry! Did I accidentally post a spoiler? I just thought I was talking about what was playing during the credits!

    (Mods, if what I posted is considered a spoiler, please remove it.)
  15. I haven't seen this movie and didn't plan to... but was reading that and over my shoulder my 15-year-old daughter saw it and burst into song to the tune of "Spiderman" singing the words you posted!

    Maybe I should go see this movie... :yes: She is dancing through the house now singing "Spider Pig. Spider Pig."