This is ridiculous

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  1. #1 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2009
    I haven't even RECEIVED or enjoyed my black work with GGH baby yet.... And all I am doing is visiting Nanaz's and Msmd's Galet children!
    What kind of mother am I?
    I need Bal Anonymous......Anyone else need to join? :graucho:
  2. anonymous , yes what an idea!
  3. YES, I need BA! :P
  4. Hello my name is .....I have an addiction to the letter "B" I will only carry bags .....
  5. Hello my name is Sheree...i am a Balenciaga work addict.
    I can't stop thinking about new colors and seem to always be chasing the bal rainbow!
    I don't know what steps there are here to follow...anyone ? haha:nuts:
  6. cant...stop...must catch...the...dragon:P
  7. oooh The rainbow..

    Maybe the best step is to buy more bags?:lolots:
  8. I try going cold "Balkey" really i do! but it only lasts for a month or 2.
    But I am working on 5 steps (not 12-way to many) that might help my next wagon(UPS truck) fall.

    1st step....learn to give a little more time and love to the bag you thought would end your craving for more. :sos:
  9. Bal Bags are like chocolate, one piece is never enough!:kiss:
  10. I need to join BA. where do I sign up?:coolio:
  11. May I sign up here? I've known her more than 5 years. Never fall in love, but once it happened, I'm more than head over heels. I even feel guilty if anyday I don't carry my Bal. ;)
  12. NO KIDDING!! Sign me up too! Drinking or drugs are a lot cheaper! Never realized what an addictive pursonality I have 'till Balenciaga bags. Why couldn't I be happy with Anna Corinna bags...why? why? why? :hysteric:

    Instead of taking photos of my bags, I'd better start photographing my poor house in need of paint, car in need of replacement, etc., etc., :Push:
  13. i'm joining! as soon as i get my current bag i already know what my next bag will be.
  14. sign me up :graucho:
  15. sign me up!