This is random...but

  1. Mods, please delete it if it's not appropriate in this Chanel forum.

    I just feel compelled to write, because I have 2 10-page papers due in a couple days, 2 Presentations and numerous Calculus tests coming up ALL NEXT WEEK...and guess what, i spent my evening browsing on tPF, especially my love- THE CHANEL Forum:sad:

    The fact is, no matter what I do, it just seems I would not be able to resist logging on tPF!
    Anybody with me here?:yahoo:

    Last but not the least, I have no regret spending all my time here !!!!!

  2. I think it's very addicting b/c there is always SO MUCH going on here...:p
  3. This place is sooo addictive! You are not alone!
  4. I totally agree with you!

    This place is really addictive. I can spend hours here reading and looking at everyone's pictures, I'm loving it! :yahoo:
  5. Totally agree!! I stayed away from this forum for a few weeks due to my hectic schedule. But I missed it a lot, and now I'm back and trying to catch up with all topics that I've missed. It's so addictive.
  6. im a newbie and i cannot resist this place..i totallyyy know how ur feeling i think i failed my midterm cuz i did not just my time more efficiently but as you mentioned there are NO regrets ^_^

    ps and it helps that everyones ever so nice here
  7. i feel you pinkpiano! But i told BF "i am paying close attention b/c it 'motivates' me to do good in school or i can't afford it w/Chanel's crazy price hike!" hehe.
  8. As a fellow student, I feel you! Except sometimes I have regrets. This damn place is like a whirlpool.
  9. I swear to myself I will only log in for 20 minutes, I just looked at the clock and I have been on for 2.5 hours. just so much to chat about. wow what an awesome site.
  10. i tried that b4 too, but end up sitting in front of the monitor FOREVER before my eyes get really tired and can't digest the info anymore :rolleyes:
  11. i'm doing the same thing as you pink piano as we speak. i have an exam on monday, and have to wake up tomorrow at 10 AM for a project and yet here i sit with my eyes glued on the monitor
  12. i spend way more time on tpf than doing homework or studying:sweatdrop:
  13. Yup...I can't help it either....But I love it..and as time goes on and I recognize member's names/posts..It keeps getting better and better! And the more pm'g and's developed into like 'cyber friendships!' I know this place is like crack! (p.s.. no drugs here.....just comparing how addicitng it is:smile: ) It's great though b/c finally I get all the latest info/pics in one spot..!!)
  14. Even if I only have a few minutes I have to take a quick look around. :yes: It kills me when I don't have enough time for at least one reply, but unfortunately that can happen quite a bit. But at least I have time to look!
  15. Aww. Practice abstinence!! Or stay away from tPF until you finish your major assignments/tests, reward yourself later. I'm so glad I found this forum AFTER I got a job and graduated college.. Eeek, I would've failed everything because I'd be on tPF ALL THE FREAKING TIME! hehehe.