This is pretty stupid but I need help

  1. And please don't flame me ... I know this must sound ridiculous to you all but I really do need some advice.

    Essentially I have been looking for a pink caviar flap bag. I went to my local NM since I figure it's the first place to look as it's local (I was going to go to Fr2nc1z's sales if my local NM can't help me at all). Well it turned out they said they could locate a pink caviar bag for me from the warehouse. Friday rolled around and the bag was here. Ok, I LOVE the bag, it looked brand new and everything except one thing bothered me - the authentication/ID# of the bag.

    I know I know, it's awfully picky and stupid but I'm very superstitious about numbers - and with good reasons because it really does seem to have certain pull on things in my life, as much as I hate to acknowledge it. The number I have is not a good number for me at all (the "5" before the "8" is very bad). I tried to ignore it but it just bugs me more and more. I know, it's stupid but it just bugs me~

    Anyways, I called up my local NM yesterday to ask to speak to the person who helped me. The lady who answered the phone put me on hold for 10 minutes before coming back and telling me that my sales is "busy". So I explained the situation to her and she said, "I don't know what you're talking about? How is this an issue? If you need to exchange, you'll have to bring the bag back in here for us to look at it before we decide whether we want to let you exchange it."

    Huh? I told her the reason was the numbers and I just wanted a simple exchange. I thought they could do exchanges and even returns with no questions (as long as the customer didn't do anything to the bag). I've had some rotten experience with this NM before. They're known to give me the run-arounds and giving me wrong information. One time they told me a bag is here, I came and then they said there was no bag and nobody would take any responsibility for it. I'm concerned that it's going to be the same case where I bring the bag in and they just won't order another one from the warehouse for me ...

    What can I do in this case? I paid with cash so I know that with NM, anything paid with cash over $500 takes 6 to 8 weeks for refunds as they have to issue a check. However, I WANT the pink caviar bag but this number is really bugging the heck out of me. I just can't help it that I'm superstitious about this, but the more I try to ignore, the more it bugs me. What should I do? TIA:flowers:
  2. do you think your love for this bag can help you actually overcome being superstitious??

    Or, Just contact another NM, get another bag from another NM then return this one at your local NM, don't try to rely on your local NM since they just don't sound too friendly to me.
  3. I tried to, even tried to make sense out of the serial number to make it sound positive but that "5" in front of "8" just really bugged me. Everytime I have a bad number, something bad happens to me within a week. Most recent scenario being the change in my phone#, something crappy happened within a week. It's not self-fulfilling prophecy, even when I convince myself to think happy thoughts and look at things in a positive light, still doesn't change things.

    Would another Neiman allow me to exchange a bag that I bought from a different Neiman? It's just that the refund thing is going to be a pain in the neck. Or can they offer refund by giving me a gift card?
  4. If you go to a different NM and buy a bag there (or ask them to order a new one for you), you can go to any other NM and return the first one that you bought. Or you can ask your NM to get another bag for you. Once you get it, return the first one that you had at any other NM. Hope that makes sense!

    Sorry the first bag didn't work out for you!!! Hope you can get another one! :smile:
  5. As long as you have the receipt, just return it with no questions for a full refund. Then you can buy it again in another store.

    Is this the pink caviar classic flap? I know NM in SD have several of them.
  6. i am very superstitious also but with house numbers and license plate numbers. i can totally understand your predicament! youre not the only one. good lukc on your exchange. im sure NM can find you another pink flap.
  7. Go and return the bag, can you find a nice SA there? If not maybe just go to coporate office at the store to ask them for help with the return--tell them you are unhappy with the customer service in the purse dept. I think you have a right to get the bag with numbers that make you happy-there is nothing wrong with that. Having the bag with the wrong numbers will take the joy out of wearing it.
    Hope you get a new bag soon.
  8. yes you can return an item to a different NM. i've done it. i've also gotten my money back via a check in the mail because i paid for a 1k+ bag in cash. the check took about a week or a week and a half to get to me in the mail. if you're going to return it, i would get the check unless you know you're going to spend the same amount or more at NM (ie, you're not going to buy random things you sort-of like to spend your store credit).
  9. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and understanding! I managed to take the bag back for an exchange. They'll be sending another one out from the warehouse tomorrow. I've asked for Overnight shipping so that I can get the bag ASAP. Since the bag is coming from the warehouse, there's NO WAY for them to guarantee that it's really brand new (not a returned item) or have the good numbers. I hope it is brand new and the id number is good or acceptable this time. I mean, I probably can't go back for another exchange as it'll be unreasonable of me. Once again, thank you everyone!!!

    Oh boy, now I have something else to obsess over in addition to Hermes:P :lol:
  10. Good luck to you. Hope the new bag will turn out perfect! Keep us posted (with pics of your new baby) when it comes!
  11. Would I would do is return it without the receipt, they give you a gift card/ store credit then I would order the same bag from another NM and pay with that. If not then you will have to wait anywhere from 2weeks - 2months to recieve the check in the mail for the return over $500.
  12. I didn't know they accept return without a receipt??
  13. yes they do, I know that the one in Vegas does but then again I also paid with my Mastercard there
  14. I think you could return it anywhere. Just explain the situation to them and that you want a different number. :smile:

    Good luck!!
  15. Are you Chinese and speak Cantonese? I'm only asking because when 5-8 is pronounced in cantonese, it essentially means "not rich".

    If the numbers bug you, you're not going to enjoy the bag so you definitely should order a new one and return the "old" one.