This is one scary website.

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  1. Damn !!

    Ive been Banned for spamming !
  2. 25393 - thats a lot... who knew? :wtf:
    Sad to see how badly the industry has gotten...
  3. Thanks for the link- another one on my list of "Fakes Sites I have Found Courtesy of Purseblog" (Sorry, Vlad, but my previous comment stands- if I were a fake buyer, I'd be in HEAVEN right now)
  4. I agree - a lot of those sites have trackers that can tell which site "referred" you to them. So, I cringe whenever I see someone post the link to a replica site. They most likely will see how many hits they get from us and that will lead to spamming (and this site seems to be getting a lot recently) plus, why give these sites *any* promotion?

    No offense to the original OP, just my opinion. I hate to think that these replica site's trackers will show hundreds or thousands of clickthrus from TPF. Unfortunately, it doesn't cause them to shut down, it just seems to get them customers.
  5. Thank you Taygalchi !!! I'm glad to see more people are starting to get what I meant when I called this a "Fake Buyer's Paradise" (in another thread). As much as we don't like it, and don't want to promote it, that's just what's happening !!
  6. In my opinion you don't need TPF to find websites for fake bags. Google is your friend here, as for anything else you're looking for.
  7. I didn't mean to promote it - I HATE these sites. My hope is to to keep newer, unknowing members from thinking that these types of sites are OK. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked about a moda, vogue or other similar site. Sites that many of us know automatically sells fake handbags, but that many many other still think are safe & OK.

    I think some people believe that if it comes up on a Google search, then it must be legal and safe. While most of us more experienced users know that they're a no-no and sites to be avoided.
  8. Why can't sites that sell fakes so blatently be shut down? Or are they getting around the laws via loopholes or something?
  9. yucky yuck yuck
  10. It's disgusting, isn't it? I found one that might be even worse: www. replicaunderground. com - (I'm not hyper linking this so that anyone will have to type it in, and TPF doesn't send someone there to get counted in their ticker!!). It's a question of federal resources, really. In my lawyering days, I didn't do intellectual property law, but the basic rules apply, and while one person acting as whistleblower can be enough to elicit the government's attention, there are not enough resources to bring every one of these sites down. It also requires the expressed cooperation, in many cases, of the design houses themselves, who I imagine, just get sick of chasing down counterfeit handbag rings. Here's a great site though: - susan scafidi just wrote a book called, "Who Owns Culture" and has some great information about the illegality of, and distinctions between different types of intellectual property infringement in fashion.
  11. I think a good way to START fighting this is to start within ourselves- spreading the word about fakes and sticing with your beliefs about NOT buying them, maybe someday with any luck, they'll fall out of style and start going out of business. We can only dream, huh ?? I can't imagine being a person faced with the job of trying to monitor the fake makers and must be overwhelming.
  12. I hear you MonicaM! Someone asked about a purse party at work (another coworker has some purse photos on her desk) and I said...Don't insult those bags! Purse parties are illegal and wrong! LOL She looked at me as if I had two heads. hee hee

    I've been having fun in the Coach forum reporting all the fakes on eBay. :smile:
  13. those purse parties are baaaaad !!!!!! bad bad bad- they are very popular in my city !!