This is one of the reasons why I don't think much of the recipts

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  1. You must be kidding me... this really does render receipt "proof" of purchase somewhat useless.
  2. Holy #$&)! That's gotta be illegal!!!
  3. Well, that's it - forget trying to sell an "authentic" designer bag on ebay - the crooks have thought of everything. Phony receipts, another form of fraud.
  4. Oh, they do reciepts and tags from shopbop for jeans as well as eluxury reciepts.
  5. someone should tell e luxury.
  6. Omg,they can't be serious! Would it matter if someone from LV knew about this?
  7. Yeah. Is there anything we can do to stop this?
  8. That is NUTS! We need to do something!!
  9. OMG, did you guys read this:

    I can't believe they have the NERVE to write that!! :mad:
  10. i am going to write to eluxury and vuitton.
  11. I'll write them as well divina lucilla..
  12. I'm going to do that this weekend. I have to work today and some tomorrow. Ugh. This is why I was wary about auctions showing receipts on eBay. Didn't think much if it was from eLuxury but this changed my mind!
  13. What a rouse - LVMH spends big bucks to counter counterfeiting; if they have a contact then they should be made aware of this - And to use the plight of battered women and abused children to line their pockets!!! No one talks about "starting" a non-profit - you either run one (and it is verifiable) or you don't and you are just trying to use the buzz-words "donation" "save lives" to get rich.

    This is so disgusting - don't support ioffer - they are guilty for allowing this deception and fraud - ioffer is the root of the problem because they provide the venue for this fraud.

    Who is the parent company of ioffer? I'm going on a google hunt - BRB.

    Can't find any company info - ggrrr...ioffer is a sham anyway - isn't it just a haven for replica handbags? I mean, I am sure there is more there than handbags; but, when it comes to high end handbags - there are mostly fakes there.
  14. holy geezus. this is not good for anyone who tries to sell authentic items like me!