This is one of my favorite styles...just wanted to share!

  1. I have this bag in black and beige and i absolutely love it!! I don't know what the name of the bag but here is a pix from one on e-bay
    eBay: Elegant Chanel Handbag 100% Authentic (item 280013411877 end time Aug-10-06 20:28:34 PDT)

    I wanted a classic Chanel that I could dress up or down, but the classic flap (which I think is fabulous for others but just doesn't work for me), and this one I find really fits the bill.

    Just wanted to share....
  2. I love this bag too! It is such a beauty and I bet can hold a lot
  3. Oh! The grande shopping tote? This is one of your Noah's Ark bags ... you have it in two's. Gorgeous bag (I only have it in black but I love it!).
  4. I've wanted one ever since I saw Kate Moss with a small beige one, does anyone know if they are still in stores?
  5. ^I don't know{?}

    It's not the Grand Shopping Tote that's available now. . . unless there's 2 bags w/ the exact same name.
  6. Thanks Swanky, my search goes on ......
    btw just saw your part deux thread, u rock in the luxe flap!!!!!!!!!
  7. This looks like the bag Lauren wore to the fashion show in the last episode of The Hills!
  8. Very Pretty!!
  9. my bag looks just like that but the zippered part looks slightly different. But its the same size and the front looks exactly the same. They were selling it at the Beverly Hills Chanel (thats where I got mine from).
  10. I know she was wearing a Chanel, but didn't pay that close attention to it b/c I was distracted, but I THINK it was a 2.55 :love:
  11. WAIT I THINK it was a classic flap :smile: