This is one Lily safe from me...

  1. i don't care for this pattern either
  2. I'm not a fan either.
  3. I am really not liking this denim line. I love the trim, though!
  4. Not my style.
  5. I like the idea of a new denim with vachetta trim BUT...I'm not really liking their denim pattern design at all. disappointed.....:s
  6. I'm not liking the new denim line :nogood:
  7. not my style either. :nogood:
  8. The denim stuff might kind of cute for summer, but I don't think it has that "lasting" look that the jacquard or leather has. Eh.
  9. I would need to see that denim IRL before I decide if it appeals to me. I have to say that I am very hesitant to have a bag with vachetta trim because you just can't clean it.
  10. Nope!!!:nogood:
  11. I have seen it in person and I think it looks better than in the pics but not for me.
  12. I agree with you guys. It's kind of wierd looking. I do like the medium Lily in all leather.
  13. Well Im not a big fan of the Lily period - they are just not for me.
  14. I absolutely can't stand this bag. The combination reminds me of a hideous fake!