This Is One funny Looking Pair Of Boots

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. whats even funnier is....i kinda ummm urrr like it (shoot me now!)

  3. sorry but eeeew - NO way.
  4. btw, i was joking ;) just in case no one got that from the multiple haha's

    hehe :smile:

    i do think they are a work of art and tottallyyyyyyyyy funky, but i personally would not wear them....maybe if it was not in a boot style and if it was an open toe...just has TOOO much going on!
  5. :push: Yikes.
  6. trying waaaaaaaaaaay to hard! Actually they remind me very much of Fendi's new range. They are trying way too hard too.
  7. I dont like them.
  8. That's toooo fashion forward...
  9. You think? LOL!
  10. but im wondering....could they be REALLY REALLY comfy? like they look kinda springy


    haha :smile:
  11. Are they Louis Vuitton? They remind me much of them. I wonder how it would be to walk in them?
  12. Don't like them at all!
  13. I wonder if they're extremely uncomfortable.
  14. they kind of remind me of one of LVs new shoes
  15. The metal round piece looks like a wine bottle holder. :s