This is NOT Bambi

  1. This little guy lives in the retention pond in back of my house.[​IMG]
  2. scary :weird:....i can't tell from the photo exactly how big is "not Bambi?" :worried:
  3. What is that, an alligator? Currently thanking God we don't have any in PA except in zoos.
  4. He is about 5 ft right now. We really have to watch the chi's. They would just be a light snack for him
  5. HOLY COW! keep your pets inside!

    (very cool though!)
  6. :weird: 0o0o0o0o creepy!!!!
  7. omgosh poor babies :sad:....btw love ur avatar it's precious :love: would hate to think of ur puppy becoming gator food
  8. Cool neighbor :amuse: I would keep my pets away, too! The bf's parents have a "friend" in the canal behind their house, we see him sunning sometimes.
  9. Nope! Certainly NOT Bambi! But COULD BE a GREAT bag and an AMAZING pair of pumps!
  10. Creepy!
  11. Print*model-Good idea!!
  12. Wow!!! Are those things aggressive?
  13. Just make sure your dog or small animal isn't around. I know a few people who have lost pets to hungry gators :sad: Most of the time, they will not bother humans unless provoked or if someone gets too close to them or their nest.
  14. LOL!!!!:lol::lol::lol::lol: I would FREAK if that was in my backyard! I love my deer even more now! (P.S. Loved the title of this thread!:P)
  15. WOAH !!! Kinda glad we live in New York City !! :nuts:

    ( Mind you we have other things to worry about) LOL :hrmm: