This is my LV Besace Mary Kate

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  1. It's nice... is that from the monogram mini line? I've never seen one of those bags up close.
  2. Pretty, I love that it is black!
  3. Love the bag.It has been on my wish list for quite some time.
    Can the bag be worn across the body ie leaving the hands free?
    I'd like the cherry colour.
  4. I think the grey makes it look dull. I would rather get the original mc. The style of the bag is unique.
  5. Absolutley!!!!
  6. Sorry the color is off on this photo - mine is the original LV beige canvas color.
  7. Mine is the original - I don't why the color looks so weird in this photo!
  8. Yes, the mini monogam is what caught my eye - I much prefer it.
  9. Mine IS the original, this color is wrong.
  10. I like those bags. Don't know if I would love the material for the long hall but I would probably use it off and on.
  11. I think that's a pretty awsome-looking bag! You should use it more often!
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