This is my LAST Rebecca Minkoff purchase! VOTE AND HELP ME!


Matinee in Wine, Eggplant, or Neither?

  1. Oooh, gotta have that Red Wine!

  2. OooH, gotta have that purpley Eggplant!

  3. Sorry, I love the Matinee but not in those colors!

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  1. I love this woman, I love her bags, I love it all. I own more of her bags than I do for any other designer. I have accumulated so many gorgeous MA's, MA mini's, and I want to go out with a BANG before the purse ban is self-imposed, so im going to buy a TDF matinee!

    I cant choose between the Wine and the Eggplant, help me choose

    1st pic= WINE

    2nd pic= EGGPLANT
    18018-BrowseSize-front.jpg 18017-BrowseSize-front.jpg
  2. I vote eggplant!
  3. Wine :tup:
  4. That is really close call, both are gorgeous! Something about that purply eggplant is just tdf though.
  5. Love the eggplant - I just did a search to get a better picture...OMG, I think I may put it on my X-Mas list :drool:
    Keep us updated - post pics too.
  6. it depends on your wardrobe..if you need that pop of color..go for the cherry red!
    if you need a more subdued hue for a bag..then definitely go for the eggplant!
    either way..those bags are gorgey! :tup:
  7. Both are gorgeous, but the eggplant is my favorite of the 2.
  8. Oooh, hmmm. Thery're both gorgeous! I'd go for the one that's the least like anything else you have. If you have a bunch of brights, go for the eggplant. If you have a lot of naturals, then definitely the wine. Personally, I think every gal needs a bright red bag, so....

    Me, I'd go for the wine.

    Good luck, hon.
  9. Ooooh love them both. I'd go for the wine.
  10. eggplant!
  11. Eggplant! It is much more unique than the wine color.
  12. Both are great, however, I vote eggplant, a good eggplant color doesn't come along as often as the wine.
  13. Eggplant if you can't get both, but I would recommend both lol
  14. wine! please post pics!!
  15. Wine! :tup: