This is my last one of these for the season!!! True color pics of... a Sienna Day!!!

  1. I somehow knew couldn't let Sienna go by, and this will be my last Day from the FW 2007 collection (it has to LOL! She has two colleagues, the vert foncé rh Day and the sgh plomb/steel Day :nuts:)!

    This baby popped up again on and I made sure I could get exactly what I wanted - chestnut red with smoother, thick leather and some distressing... And let me tell ya - the leather's just that and almost moist so soft, they're Fantastic with a capital F!! :yahoo:

    Here goes the mini strip but I'm not a teaser so with no further ado: SIENNA (CHESTNUT!!) DAY!!! :drool:
    siennaday-box.jpg siennaday-striptease.jpg siennaday-comingout.jpg siennaday-truecolor.jpg siennaday-front.jpg
  2. What a nice rich color! :drool:

  3. i like all you day and SIENNA is beautiful :tup:
  4. what a gorgeous color :love: perfect for fall
  5. WOW lil sis 'C' south..... :nuts: I can't believe it - I'm speechless !!! OMG - this SIENNA day is just BREATHTAKING :drool: such a fantastic color and the leather looks sooo smooth (as you described) :tup:- it's how I'd LOVE it :heart: ! Well done sweety - I'm so happy for you :yahoo:! CONGRATS and enjoy it :yes:

  6. Love Sienna!

    The leather looks soooooo yummy :love::love:

    I definitely want something in sienna too.
  7. absolutely stunning! love sienna! a fav of mine for this season and cant wait til I can get mine (when the dough rolls in that is!)... CONGRATS SOF! you're really on a roll this season!
  8. Wow, the color and the leather look amazing!!! Congrats!
  9. Congrats "C".:yahoo: Another yummy Day.:drool: Enjoy her.:heart: Guess what? i found my Plomb GSH Day and it should be here today. :yahoo:
  10. [​IMG]
    FANTASTIC!!!! With all capital letters!!! :heart:
  11. it's so pretty. congrats!
  12. What a lovely color!
  13. Fantastic bag! I had held off on the Sienna but now I have to reconsider.
  14. Congrat.'sSOF!!!! The leather is sooooo yummy!!!!We need a family shot of all of your day bbags. I :heart: the day!!!!!

    Nanaz do you mind me asking where you found your GSH Day in steel?
  15. GORGEOUS! Congrats, it's beautiful!