This is my finallllllllllllllll chance at finding the dark silver reissue 266!!!!!!!!

  1. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! Ive been searching in vain for the last bag on my list to add to the collection...its the Dark Silver reissue 226...Ive posted and posted and all I could find were TWO..IMAGINE TWO 226 AND 227 bags in austrailia...and they had the nerve not to sell them to me...please internationally wherever you are anyone redaing this..please please please help a chanelobsessed person find her dream nag I will be sooooooooooooooooooo eternally grateful Ill pray for your soul every night xxx
  2. Forgive me... I've heard of the dark silver 2.55 but no the 226 or 227. I'd love to help if I can... Can you clarify??:confused1:
  3. Saks Beverly Hills had a dark silver reissue last Thursday - although don't know the exact size!
  4. Bagsnobb thanx for your help...its the 2.55 bag in dark silver in the 226 or even 227 size if I can find it...Ive searched in vain since January...

    Thank you totoro928 but thats the grey not the dark silver..

    Jbelle can you give me the number please...was it a large or medium one?
  5. karenkooper had one very recenlty, maybe email her and see if she might have access to another one, she gets the most beautiful bags....
  6. You might want to check Saks in Chevy Chase, Md. I saw the 255 there a few w eeks ago.
  7. Couldnt find one......helpppppppp

    Jmen what size did you see? do you have their number?
  8. do you mean this?

  9. No sweets this is the rose gold one...
    heres a pic from the forum of this bag
  10. here it is

  11. oh i see what you mean ... i saw it in ebay couple days ago ...

    check ebay every day ... am sure it will appear soon :smile:
    & if i see it i'll post here for you :heart:
  12. Hello,

    Can you get your chanel reissue in the end?

    I am looking for it for long too. In case if you find another one, other than yours, would you please let me know how to buy it?????

    Many thanks!!!

    ppsam :yes: