This IS my final answer!

  1. Okay, so I bought the Ramona at Nordies for 40% off (after seeing it once in January and dreaming about it since), thought it was too big for me, and tearfully returned it.:crybaby: Got the Riki at 30% from JC Chicago, and yikes, it was WAY too small for me.

    So... I couldn't get a return for my Riki, so after much careful consideration, I got back my Burgundy Ramona... at 50% off plus a JC wallet at 50% off :woohoo::boxing::happydance::choochoo:. I just had to see them both to decide. And absence definitely made my heart grow fonder of the Ramona.

    I am TOTALLY lovin' it. And now that my work bag has officially and literally broken down, this is my replacement! Will post updated pics sometime next week with my "official" work attire (sorry, but I can't do it sooner :cursing:). Be ready to laugh! :roflmfao:
  2. can't wait to see your pics! :smile:
  3. You sound like I did when I got my ramona. I sent it back for a riki, it was to small so I got the ramona back.

  4. Congratulations Bonnie:party::party:
    I am so happy you like the Ramona and I honestly think the way you received the original Ramona shipped from Nordies might have set off the negative feelings to start with:cursing:
    When you decide to spend a significant amount of money on something you really want, you have certain expectations on how you want to see it for the first time and to receive a beautiful bag folded over and stuffed in a shoe box....... That would make any of us feel disappointed:crybaby:

    Just enjoy your new baby and know you look totally AWESOME wearing her:wlae: oh and enjoy the Bonus wallet too:yahoo:
  5. Congrats Bonnie. I'm glad it all worked out for you. The Ramona is the perfect size, IMO. Enjoy your bag!
  6. Congrats, the Ramona is a great bag.
  7. You sound like me! It took me 6 months to make up my mind to buy a Maddy over the Mahala. I like a smaller bag tho...
    Enjoy your Ramona and send pics!
  8. Which wallet did you get? Where is the 50% off sale?:confused1:
  9. Oooo can't wait to see the piccies.
  10. Thanks everyone. I have family in from out of town who would fall over at me spending $900+ (at 50% off) for a bag. :nogood: DH doesn't even know.:wlae: When she leaves next week, I will post pics with my all-white outfit (Dickie's polyester hemmed pants that come up to my chest and a short sleeved, tucked-in white button down fitted shirt, kid you not!).

    Anyway, the 50% off is at the Jimmy Choo boutiques. You can call and see what's left, but I know this style/color Ramona was gone in 1 day! I ended up getting a Unite wallet, but in the tan color. Don't know why I chose that color, but honestly I live in my Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch so I know this won't get used anyway.:p

    Uh oh, I'm eyeing a Mahala next. I know I'll go through the turmoil of a Maddy vs. Mahala... maybe I should just not buy anything for a while.
  11. Congrats Bonnie. Glad to hear that everything worked out. Looking forward to your pictures next week. =)
  12. Congratulations on your Ramona. I keep going back and forth between Mahala and Maddy. Of course I wouldn't mind both!
  13. congrats! :biggrin: