This is my collection

  1. Itty bitty compared to some of you girls, but it's growing slowly but surely:yahoo:
    Hoping to add a signature stripe tote(i'm waiting to see new ones on monday)
    also hoping to get matching wallet, and some new wristlets, and of course i need to get some charms and keyfobs, as i have none!:wtf:

    sorry about the link, i have no idea how to do pics...i tried:cursing:
  2. It's a very cute collection! Great beginning!
  3. gaspp! i am SOOO jealous of your scribble stuff!
  4. Thank-you, now i'm thinking i have so much colored stuff i need to get some regular signature stuff and more leather pieces:yes:
  5. Lovely so far. I look forward to seeing it grow as you add to it. :smile:
  6. Very cute bags!! And don't worry.....stick around here long enough and your collection will grow by leaps and bounds instead of "slowly but surely."
  7. cute!
  8. Very cute!
  9. Cute collection!^-^
  10. Lovely! Love your Soho stuff, and the beige scribble!
  11. good stuff! i'm sure you won't have trouble buying more bags if you're on tpf ;)
  12. Cute! I love that beige scribble!