This is my 1st post! May I ask your opinions between two bags?...

  1. Hello! I am so happy to have found this site! :P
    I love reading all your posts, and am glad that there are people out there that share my bag obsession.

    I have a couple of LV bags, but am thinking of buying another one soon. I was thinking between the Speedy 30 or the Coussin. I love the classic look of the Speedy, but I like that I could be hands-free with the Coussin. I haven't seen the Coussin in person yet, but planning on going to the LV store on Saturday.

    May I ask your thoughts? Thanks so much!
  2. Welcome ~ I Love Both!!! The Coussin Is Different & Super Comfortable! When You Try Both On ~ You Will Know!
  3. As you've proabably seen, the Speedy is popular here. The Coussin, in case anyone doesn't know what it looks like b/c its not as popular as the Speedy..............

    I say go with what will be most convienent for you. :biggrin:
  4. Thanks so much for your input!

    By the way, when I go to LV -- how would I pronounce Coussin? Thank you!
  5. Well . . . I couldn't carry the Speedy because I HAVE to have a shoulder bag, also, they're very common as far as LVs go, so that's a little less attractive to me.
    I used to like the Coussin, but I don't like it as well anymore . . .
    but I'd have to choose it over the Speedy because it can be a shoulder bag and because it's less common.
  6. i think the prononciation would be like koo-sen.
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to pronounce "Drouot." LOL

  8. Personally I prefer the speedy because I have seen someone else carry the Coussin before. It does look like a cushion.

    The speedy has a very elegant design.
  9. I think it would sound to English-speaking ears something close to "Dwu-OH". :P

    The Coussin is unique, but it's not a style I'm personally fond of. I'm also one who prefers hands-free bags and LV has many lovely bags to choose from. I do have a Speedy 30, and even though I initially had my doubts about a hand- or crook-of-the-arm-carried bag, it's really grown on me and I'm using more often than I had anticipated. If you go an LV boutique, check out the Batignolles Horizontal (my personal favorite) and the Cabas Piano; both are nice-looking and practical shoulder bags. I also like the Petit Bucket (or Marais in the Damier Canvas) which comes with an accessories pouch!
  10. i really don't like the shape and leather details on the coussain. i also don't like shoulder bags. so not my cup of tea. i love my speedy though. :smile:
  11. Coussin is a beautiful bag. And EVERYONE has a speedy. I would go with the Coussin. I would like to buy it myself, but I'm a little hesitant only because it is rather small (10 X 10), and I would prefer a larger shoulder bag. But it you don't mind small bags, go for Coussin!
  12. I think the Coussin can take on a funny shape depending on what's stuffed inside..
  13. i say go w/ the speedy cuz the coussin kinda has a funny shape imo. i love the speedy. it's so versatile and classic :smile:.
  14. Speedy! I have the Speedy 25 and it's a tad too small so the 30 would be perfect. Also, buy the shoulder strap because I find that I use the bag with both. Sometimes just on my arm and sometimes when I need both hands free. The Speedy is a classic with a wonderful shape and roomy for just about everything.

    I'm not partial at all to the shape/styling of the's not a bag for me.
  15. Get the Coussin!!! Everyone has a Speedy... :sad: I mean yeah it's a LV bag... but I'm not impressed anymore when I see someone with a Speedy. The interior for the Coussin is sooo hott. :love: