This is my 1st pce event,so please help me understand!

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  1. I did try to search for these questions and answers on my own, please have patience with me.

    my questions are:

    This presale that is happening on the 16th - Is my credit card charged as soon as my stuff is ordered (march 16th)?

    or am i charged once my stuff reaches the store?

    home many times does pce occur ? EVERY 3 MONTHS ? EVERY 4 ?

    how many times do i get to use my pce card?

    how many days do pce event usually last? is it different all the time?

    is there a limit of how much money your allowed to spend?

    Due to my disability,it would be better to have my stuff shipped to my house. Is there any advantage on having my stuff shipped to the store?

    Thanks in advance,
    Cha Cha
  2. not sure about the cc. i would assume it's charged then.

    i think it's every 4 months or so. i think it just depends.

    you use your card once (theoretically).

    i think it lasts a week. can't remember offhand.

    i don't think theres a limit. i'm sure they encourage you to always buy more, lol.

    i always get stuff shipped to my house- never to the store. so it's really no big deal to have it shipped to your house.
  3. hmm... i also want to add a curiosity question,

    if the sa's dont make commission then i'm sure the year end bonus will be affected by how much $ they bring in through out the year right?

    so, doesn't the pce event work against them?
    because they are loosing money?
    just curious?
  4. I'm not sure if that's done or how it works, but theoretically people will buy more with a discount/coupon (or maybe that's just me:shame: ), so the customer who would maybe just buy one bag without the discount would probably get not only the bag but some accessories too with the discount.
  5. You will be charged on either the night of the 16th, or the morning of the 17th (which is the first day of pce).

    PCE occurs on average about 3x a year, sometimes less and sometimes more.

    You are technically only allowed to use the PCE card once.

    PCE used to only be 5 days or so but now I think it's 9.

    There is no dollar limit (I have one customer who buys and spends quite a bit, almost 5 digits). But you have to remember you can only buy up to 3 of each of the same sku (ie. khaki wristlet is different than black wristlet).

    There's no advantage to having it sent to your store, just the fact that you can see everything there and return/exchange on the spot.
  6. What is this PCE you guys speak of?
  7. And whenever I've done the pre-sale thing, the items were shipped to my home.

    Nothing really grabbed me today, so I think I might share my card with one of my friends, she has yet to get hooked on Coach, (I got her a Q charm for her birthday, her first Coach item, which she LOVES!). She just started a new job, so this will be very fun!
  8. Yeah, I'd like to know as well!
  9. ^do a search in this forum for pce and you'll find TONS of threads about it!
  10. I just did that and after reading quite a few I still can't figure out what its all about. Everyone seems to already know, so can someone at least tell me what "PCE" stands for?
  11. Preferred Customer Event
  12. the WAY short of it: coach sends out 25% off cards to some of their customers a few times a year.
  13. Oh :sad: I don't think I'll get one :sad:
  14. Thanks AbbytheBT and Kallison!
  15. i spent 400 dollars at coach in feb/early march and didnt get one :cry: i was hoping i would