This is kinda dumb but....

  1. where are you suppose to attach a SIGNATURE LOOP CELLPHONE LANYARD to a cell phone?? I'm lovin the silver/pink and would like to order it but...
    I am looking at mine (it is a super slice slim phone) and there is nowhere you could attach anything to it? Sorry if this is a stupid question!
  2. Some phones don't have a little loop to attach charms too.
    For example, mine doesn't. It kinda sucks. :sad:
  3. It's not a stupid question at all :nogood: Some cell phones unfortunately have no place for a lanyard. I didn't have a place for one until my latest phone. I am not familiar with your phone but you need to look for a little hole-like area on the corners or top or bottom of your phone. I'd take a pic right now but all I have is my cell and I can't take a pic of my cell with my cell, kwim?

  4. lol thanks for the info you two! This is the second cell phone i've ever owned!!!
    didn't really need one until i had kiddos!
  5. just like on a camera. . . theres a little notch w/ a bar across it on some phones.
    Does that make sense?

  6. Hmm my phone has a siver bar w/a little notch under the bar, on the front top of the phone, didn't notice it until now. the notch is so tiny, a little rectangulared notch.
    Could that be it? I don't know how something would stay put in that little notch though.
  7. i like to add pretty lanyards to my camera, instead of the ugly gray strap they come with!
  8. Sounds like it could be it - you need to thread the loop of the lanyard through the hole, underneath the bar, then open the loop up and put the charm (the big part of the lanyard) through the loop, then pull tight and hopefully that should have wrapped itself around the bar. I hope that makes sense.

    If you have a camera and there's a strap attached to your camera, look at that as well, it's the same principle.

  9. mine didn't come w/ strap, so i guess i don't have a notch for it! LOL

  10. AH HA! that makes sense! lol Ahh what the heck, im gonna order it and if i can't use it ill just exchange it. thanks everyone
  11. if it doesn't have one, maybe you can get a cover / case for your phone and figure out a way to attach it that way.
  12. Pictures are so much easier to show it by. This is my old fone (samsung D600) with the little hole for charms and lanyards stuff at the top, and my new fone (sony ericsson w910i) with the hole on the corner of the fone, so it kinda looks like 2 holes on either side. If you have a hole like these then that's where you can attach it. :smile:
    sonyericssoncharmhole.jpg samsungcharmhole.jpg
  13. Thank you for posting the pictures! I do have that. I totally overlooked that. i didn't see it? YAY, I can buy it!
    And i'll post a picture of it when i get it! LOL
  14. Great! I look forward to seeing your pics!:yes:
  15. My phone doesn't have one either, but great suggestions for using them on the camera! I have one that I don't know what to do with, and now that problem is solved! Thanks so much.