This is kind of strange...

  1. hello ladies!

    something fishy is going on. so i was totally excited that i won a beautiful red balenciaga bag from eBay. here's the link: eBay: GENTLY USED BALENCIAGA LE DIX MOTORCYCLE HANDBAG!! (item 290045221058 end time Nov-02-06 12:06:29 PST)

    i emailed the seller a number of times asking for her address so that i can send payment, but she hasn't returned any of my emails. i think i sent her like three emails. anyway, i was browsing eBay again today and i spotted another auction selling a red balenciaga bag, and i clicked on it and i realized this seller is using the exact same pictures used in the auction that i won, but she has more pictures of the bag with the exact same brown cushion!! here is the link: eBay: Lightly Worn Balenciaga Red Medium Motorcycle City nice (item 170043998959 end time Nov-07-06 19:00:00 PST)

    i don't really know what's going on. at first i was thinking the seller i won the b-bag from was ignoring my emails because the auction was won at such a low price, but then again, wouldn't she have a reserve price if she didn't want to sell it for less than however much? this totally sucks because i was so looking forward to receiving my first balenciaga bag. it's kind of discouraging. :s what do you guys think i should do?
  2. That is odd. I was watching the listing that you won from the beginning and it seemed a little shady. The bag in the pics is authentic, but there really weren't enough pics. I thought it could have been stolen pics but I didn't recognize the other listing at the time. Now, I bet the one that you won stole pics from that other listing. Contact the seller, show her the other link, and ask her why she stole pictures from someone else's listing. Tsk, tsk, especially since "her sister works for Balenciaga". :shocked: Tell her you need her to take pics of the actual bag for sale with her name and your name in the actual pictures, like written on paper, like Liz recently asked a seller to do who used stolen pics. If not, tell her you'll report her picture theft and fraud to Balenciaga NY, ha. Definitely do not pay until she shows you proof that she has the actual bag and even then do not pay with an unsecure form of payment. Be sure to use Paypal or a credit card at least. Her feedback is too low to trust. Good luck Smurfling!!
  3. Ouch. Another one with possible stolen pix. It gets worse every day it seems. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is a red flag to stay away. Hope it work out!
  4. I was just looking at that second aution before! :wtf: such a beautiful bag..
  5. Why don't you go through EBay to get the seller's contact information? That way you can telephone him or her directly. I've done that before.
  6. This is SO weird!! not the same seller, but the same cushion...
    Ronda's suggestion sounds like a good idea... if you can ge the seller's info through eBay, try to get in touch.
    Good luck!!
  7. It really is sad and deplorable that eBay has become such a haven for fraudulent sales. And that they don't do anything to police it for the most part. I definitely would NOT pay for this bag...rather, contact eBay and let them know that you have discovered that the photos are stolen and that you cannot go through with the transaction. Let eBay handle it from there.

  8. I agree! :yes:
  9. No guys, it's much worse. The pictures on this listing are the same as those in another listing, the one we scrutinized here and talked about the excessive darkening on the handles, starting price on that one was $699.

    Then I noticed someone bid on the listing with the "stolen" pics, and immediately I notified the owner of the pics in the other listing, who also had her listing up at the same time. She wrote me back thanking me for alerting her and said she's reported to ebay to shut down the other listing. That was over 3 days ago. NOTHING happened. I have a hard time believing that ebay did nothing. So it makes me wonder about the seller:confused1: ?
  10. Yep- I was watching this same listing too.

    I notified the owner of the pics also; but unlike Decophile, I never got a reply. Which I thought was really odd.

    I also emailed the seller of the listing with the "stolen" pictures, asking for additional pictures, serial number etc. She then responded that she was disabled so she can't take pictures and that her sister worked at BalNY and the employees were only suppose to buy 'defected' bags, meaning that this particular red city had no serial number. Riiiight. Very weird.
  11. its getting so bad that I honesly dont know what Bbag sellers on ebay are legit and who to trust anymore.
  12. hmmm, disabled enough that she cant snap a picture or two but had no problem typing out a response on her keyboard. yeah. right.
  13. :lol::lol:
  14. WHOA yeah, right. I'd love to know what Balenciaga NY would have to say about one of their employee's sister selling "defected Balenciaga bags with no serial number." Unbelievable! These scammers think we don't know anything about what we purchase or what? :wtf: :lol:
  15. YEP! They don't care and it's just a matter of time until lawsuits force them to do what they should be doing. They are ripe for a huge class action suit.