This is just WRONG...

  1. Last week, I listed a used Kooba Ada I got from the Clothingline sample sale early this year and a lovely buyer won and everything was smooth. This morning, I got an email from my buyer raising a concern that she found another Ada on eBay with my exact same description... word for word. The photos are different (thank God as hers is a BAD fake) but my words exactly! My buyer just wanted to make sure that there IS no connection whatsoever with this crook. Please help me report this on eBay as a fake and I will report also that this seller ripped off my listing!

    This was mine (ended Sunday): sorry, no one is alowed to post tehir own auctions, even ended ones, or their eBay IDs

    This is is thr rip off:
  2. OH :shocked: copy all of your words, even without revise..! I'll report them now.
  3. Thanks! Exactly, right? So stupid because she is selling a NEW (fake) bag and my description says USED... what a clown!
  4. The same thing happened to me with a Coach bag I was selling a couple months ago. The seller copied every word of my listing. She was so lazy she didn't even change the color in the description, even though her photos showed a white bag and my listing said gold. eBay pulled her listing after I reported it. The seller was NARUed shortly after, probably because of some other rules she was breaking.

    I should mention that my auction was still running at the time, so I was competing with the copycat.

  5. I just reported this for you. hopefully it will be removed.
  6. What would be so terrible if you emailed the crooked seller and tell her that you're the original owner of this verbage and she's been reported to eBay for illegally taking your description? Scare the crap out of her - she's only got 1 feedback. :graucho:
    Then I would make sure and block her as a future bidder on any of your auctions just to make sure she doesn't screw up any of your listings/items...
    Just my thoughts...
  7. i reported her to. id email this person and tell her its against ebay policy to take other peoples descriptions especially when shes using it to sell a nasty fake bag.
  8. ICK. What a nasty fake too!
  9. You need to report it because I think you are the only person ebay will take seriously. You need to explicitly tell them that you didn't give permission for the text to be used. I wouldn't contact the other seller because they might start harrassing you.
  10. Thats aweful. I am always afraid someone will do that to me. It takes time to write up a good description! That is plagiarism and very illegal. Definetly report it.
  11. Reported. Could have been worse..she could have used your pics. and then sent the fake to the winner!

    Not sure I'd send the seller anything have no idea how crazy the person is behind the ids.
  12. Ugh. I reported her as well.
  13. Ugh...some people!
  14. Thanks so much, ladies! I reported to ebay already but they haven't done anything yet (big surprise!) since it's still up...
  15. I reported it too. The only way to make a dent in this crap is to report, report, report!