1. Okay so I have a dilemma.

    My grandmother died a few months ago and I saw several of my trailer-park cousins at her funeral. One was carrying a Coach, and the other was carrying a Prada bag. I knew they were fakes instantly. But what I didn't know and I just found out is that my aunt has been having purse parties and selling those bags for a fortune-- knockoffs including Coach, LV, Balenciaga, Prada and D&G. My aunt Bobbi, by the way, is a gold-digging, trailer trash whore who married into my family for money and kept milking my grandma for money until she died.

    Normally I would have laughed it off because I don't like the cousins she's selling fake bags to. And they all know I carry real bags and I like my feeling of superiority by having real Coach compared to their Goaches. But I discovered that my grandmother's housekeeper and one of her lifelong friends (a lady named Pat) was given a nice Balenciaga bag for Christmas from Bobbi (my aunt).... and sure enough, it was a fake.

    How the HELL do you give someone who stayed with my grandmother, who was dyuing of lung cancer, day and night, feeding her, clothing her, helping take care of her, A FAKE PURSE FOR CHRISTMAS?! Pat cherishes that fake Balenciaga because she thinks it's real and expensive! I couldn't bear to tell her the truth. This woman took care of my grandmother until the day she died. To give her something like that for Christmas is insulting, and makes me angry enough where I'm seeing red and want to strangle my aunt.

    This, hacks me off. What do y'all think I should do-- turn my aunt in? Or just try to forget about this?
  2. I was initially inclined to not touch this thread with a ten foot pole. However, I just want to say one thing: do what you have to do, but do what you think your grandmother would want done on her behalf. If she was still alive how would she react to something like this? I think you honor her memory and let it go.

    Just my opinion...
  3. i don't think you referring to people as "trailer trash" is any better than them owning a fake bag. not everyone can afford the real thing- who are you to judge? if she loves her "balenciaga", let her be. she isn't hurting you.
  4. My first instinct is to tell you to report her (you can do so anonymously if you don't want to reveal yourself).

    Selling fake handbags is a crime!
  5. :wtf: That was pretty harsh...

    :back2topic: I am SO sorry about your grandmother... and like mokoni said, you do what you feel you have to do... but just remember your grandmother...
  6. Perhaps you could purchase a real bag of some sort to give the housekeeper and apologize on behalf of your cousin (even though it isn't in any way your fault) for passing off a fake as the real thing.

    Normally, I say if someone is buying and using fakes themselves, then so be it. I don't approve, but it's none of my business. But giving one as a gift and teliing someone it is real is deceptive, insincere and just plain mean.

  7. I refer to her as trailertrash because she married my uncle for his money and has been cheating on him for years. That's trash in my book.

    My aunt, the one selling and giving the fake purses, knows they are fake and can afford to carry the real thing because of my uncle's inheritance from my grandmother. She spends his money on designer stuff all the time. But the stuff she sells and gives away to family members, she says is real and is COMPLETELY fake. Again, I call this trash. Just calling an ace an ace.
  8. I think there is a thread on this forum about a victim of fake handbags!

    And I am sorry about your grandmother.
    I also lost mine to lung cancer in Feb 2005.
    One of the toughest days of my life!
  9. Well, you might not be a fan of your aunt, but she is part of your family and I'm sure they're are people in your family that are fond of her. If you turn her in and she gets in trouble, you're not only hurting her, but you will be hurting other family members also.

    Selling fakes is a crime, maybe you should just advise her of this and tell her what consequences of selling fake handbags can be. She just might not be aware of what kind of trouble she can get in for doing it. Once you tell her, I think you would of done your part to get her to stop. If she doesn't stop, that's on her back at that point.
  10. how is that harsh?!

    she wants to talk crap about people having fake bags...yet refers to them like that? what kind of finishing school did you go to? unbelievable.
  11. I hear ya! Backing you 100%!

  12. You just don't understand the situation. My cousins and my aunt are bad, bad people. White trash in every sense of the word. As I said, my aunt married my uncle for his money and has cheated on him off and on for years, running around and leaving her kids without a mother.

    The cousins that she sold the bags to that I also referred to as trash? One of them stole my dead grandfather's watch and pawned it. The other one took money out of my grandfather's wallet once. I saw it.

    Trust me, these people are not good people. Which is why it didn't bother me at first. But when she gave a fake Balenciaga to that sweet old housekeeper and friend of my grandmother's, it began to bother me.
  13. Actually, I must say... you said "trailer-trash" not just "trash". TRAILER TRASH! People may be trashy because of the way they act, the way they treat people, or they may just be dirty as hell and don't care about it. However, why tie trailer in with it? Are you tying those two together to try to make a point or something? Because you're not. Not all people who live in trailers are trashy, don't believe Jerry Springer. Heh. So you're not calling an ace an ace. You're calling an ace a jack.
  14. Sorry for the loss of your grandma. Regarding the caretaker who received the knock off, I doubt you would accomplish much by telling her. Perhaps she cherishes it for sentimental reasons. Why take that from her?
    Regarding the selling of fakes, if you are really concerned about people being bamboozled, you can report it. But if you are just doing it out of spite, I would leave it alone.
  15. i think that if this housemaid loves her bag, then let her be. Perhaps she doesn't care about having fakes or not.

    On the other hand maybe you should report your aunty for knowingly selling fakes. that's a crime - and not very fair to the people that are buying them