:( this is just too hard.

  1. I want/need to lose weight so bad...well, just drop 10-15 pounds and tone up...i've really let myself go these past 2 years since being married. I used to be so fit and athletic and now i'm winded walking up 3 blocks.

    And, i bought an ellipitcal but never use it. I realized i can't exercise at home..too many distractions/temptations.

    Diets/healthy life changes don't work b/c i hate to cook and i crave fast food like nothing else. I just feel so lost. And now its almost lunch and i just feel like eating a big ol' burger.

    Please help motivate me and give me lunch ideas...i do not want to go to the salad bar AGAIN.
  2. Hi,

    I think you should start slow. You can't expect to lose all the weight you gained for the last 2 years in short period. Clean Diet has big role,no matter how hard you exercise but if your diet isn't clean, you just waste your effort. For motivation i subscribe to oxygen magazine http://www.oxygenmag.com/index.php
    I love this magazine compare others because those girl in the magazine have amazing body.

    if you need friend to workout with you in your area, you can join this ;

    I hope it helps
  3. Don't deprive yourself of anything...this will help you in the long run.

    If you want that big burger...go ahead and have it....just don't eat have it along with fries and soda.

    Or eat half the burger, half the fries, and save the rest for later. 5 small meals a day is the way to go.

    Don't drink soda unless you really really want one....and don't mix it with your meals.
  4. Maybe you're going about your diet all wrong?

    What I do is:
    - Limit portions (not really what I do eat)
    - Allow myself to have my fav fav fav food once a week
    - Go for walks with my puppy in the afternoon

    I also hate to cook, so this is what I do
    - Have a LOT of fruit around the house (so I snack on that!)
    - Carry a lot of water (because most of the time, you are thirsty, not really hungry)

    About hating to exercise:
    - Do chores around the house
    - Constantly be walking while talking on the phone
    - Take the stairs, not elevator

    About food behavior:
    - Do not eat late at night (you have to wait at least 3 hrs before sleeping)
    - Snack a lot with fruit, fiber stuff, and so on, so when its dinner time you are not famished and eat more than you can handle

    Breakfast Ideas:
    - Fruits! Easy, no cooking! Love it! Also, vary them (so you dont eat the same thing every day)

    Lunch Ideas (what I do when I go to school):
    - Jello Pudding (no sugar), 1 Apple, 1 Sandwich (whatever you want)
  5. :smile: thanks guys. I think for me, a big thing could be that i'm just not as motivated as i once was. I mean, before i was motivated because i was single and pursuing acting/modeling and now i've moved, and gotten married and have a desk job so it's almost like "what's the point". bad attitude, i know :smile:
  6. I think the point is so that you can feel better in your own skin and in your clothes ;)

    Feeling better about how you look will boost your confidence a lot! You will feel better at your job and do a better job, just because you feel better about yourself :smile:
  7. Tone up = gaining muscle weight; so there is no way you can tone up and lose weight at the same time.

    Don't weight yourself, because you'd get disappointed/discouraged.

    "what's the point"???

    1) Even though my husband loves me regardless, for that or because of that, I will try my best to stay in shape for him...I want to be the same person he married to.
  8. no, i've lost muscle mass and put on fat. So, i lose the fat i've gained (a lot) and put on muscle, which...weighs more, but if i'm replacing muscle with fat, i'm good. I just want my old weight. I've got some work to do :smile:
  9. Satine, I completely understand what you mean about: "what's the point?" I have about 23 pounds to loose... and its seems very daunting. I think what finally turned around my attitude was that I am sick of being so drained/tired every day. I have been only doing the semi-healthy eating (as I am munching on a muffin right now) and moderate walking plan for less than 2 weeks now... and I have already lost 4 pounds. I can't believe the insane about of energy I have now! I am on top of the world and its only getting better. Do it for yourself. The "high" that you get from it will be so rewarding. I'm here for ya if you want to vent!!

    **in my best Italian accent** --You can do IT!!
  10. Just wanted to let you know you have met your twin word for word! I couldnt have explained it better. It would be so great if live in my area. Pm me if you live in So. Cal.! A workout/healthy eating buddy would be the best!
  11. It happens to all of us! It is ok... and will be ok!!! As much as you crave the fast-food, it is a bad habit. Believe it or not people get used to and crave certain foods- you have to break the habit. It only takes 2 weeks to form a habit and 2 months to break it (or something like that!). So it wont be easy, but you just can't let yourself eat fast-food. The salad-bar can get old fast, but try to change it up. Bring some soup or pack a lunch from home every morning. You can even pack some leftovers from dinner and take it with you!! I always make a big pot of brown rice on sunday nights, and then spread it out during the week for meals. I make some extra chicken or buy a rotissere chicken so I can cut it up and take it with me. You can lose the weight, just have some confidence and break the bad habits! :idea:
  12. Hi! I know what you mean. Just make one goal that is small and measurable, such as doing 20 minutes on the elliptical twice a week and eating 5 servings of veggies a day... and work ur way up! Little changes make huge differences in ur body, self-esteem, and motivation! You can do it!
  13. kittybag, that's great! good for you!!

    And May , yeah, i really need to use the damn elliptical. I'll start using it for AT LEAST 5 mins a day. That's better than nothing. I mean, i eat pretty healthy all the time (excpet for candy and my FF cravings which i give in to) and i work downtown so i walk everywhere during lunch. I just need to jump it up, get off the couch, put down the filet-o-fish and get moving! :smile:
  14. if you're not into the cooking thing at least count calories so that when you go for fast food you know what you are actually putting in your body

    and i find being concious of my calorie in take makes me more aware of what i'm eating and if its complete crap or a waste of calories
  15. HEE HEE
    I second this!!

    Oxygen and VOGUE, and sometimes marieclaire are the BEST source of motivation for me. Makes me wanna hit the gym to look good in the future mini denim, the cocktail dress... etc.

    Oxygen is great with some new workout ideas I try, and some healthy AND EASY put togethers that don't require any cooking.

    Although there has been negative comments about how the skinny models affect our concept of beauty, but I'm in no way trying to look like them, but I love Vogue because I wanna look good in all the fashion items I imagine myself purchasing... talk about materialistic.. LOL.. but whatever gets me going gets me going!!!!