this is just so wrong!

  1. I was googling a bit and saw this picture
    ugh, so wrong!
    the website (blog) that has this picture claims that you can find accesoires such as bags, belts, vests etc on the website!
    i don't know if this is supposed to be funny or that people really make/buy this stuff


    from the website
    Saturday, 18 June 2005
    XM8 jumps further ahead of competition in terms of style
    Most of the assault rifles offered in the competition for Big Green's next assault rifle have the same-ole, same-ole black assault rifle look which has been around over four decades with the current M-16.

    The XM8 offered by H&K already stood out as being more futuristic looking. Now, H&K has raised the style stakes by teaming with Louis Vuitton, which offers a complete line of matching bags, slings, belts, vests, and other accessories. Here's an image of the XM8-LV:

    The logos and designs are micro-digitized and have been scientifically placed to optimize camouflage effect.

    It's truly a lovely firearm, and augments the military's don't ask, don't tell and gender diversity policies.

    I was googling for Vuitton by the way, not for guns!!
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  6. Wow that's a new one! I have to say that is just about the last place you would think the LV logo would show up!
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  8. Totally Tasteless.
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