This is just ridiculous!!!!! Out of control......

  1. I go to Ebay to see if any new bags are listed, still searching for bags with silver hardware, and there is almost an entire page of *AUTHENTIC* Balenciagas with a BIN of around 90.00. All the same seller. :wtf: Lovely plasticy bags. :yucky: Ebay has to know these are fakes. I reported them. :cursing:
  2. :cursing: .... ohh I noticed this since a long time, ever and ever again are there 'sellers' . . . all scammers :throwup: :censor: - I hate them and I don't understand why ebay don't stop this :hysteric: :confused1: :banned: ? ? ?
  3. You are perfectly right:cursing:
    I undertand you so much! Her is what I think.

    I think ebay is now far away from what it was at the beginning (we believe that people are good... this is based on seller and buyer trusting each other... and so on):sick:.

    Maybe their problem is that they need to have such a huge turnover of customers in order to cover their expenses.

    Maybe it's one of the reasons why the first owner, who had the idea and created the company a few years ago doesn't run the company anymore and has sold his shares and now has made charity his full time occupation. Maybe he was too good to do what the company needed to do to survive.

    Maybe they just don't care, and they are simply willing to take advantages wherever they are and no matter what happens, until some international court stops them:devil:.

    What is for sure is that they perfecly know what they are doing.They perfectly know they are acting in a field that's new and hard to check:ninja:. This is why they still have some time in front of them before all this is stopped.
    This is why I don't do reports because I consider it's a waste of time, since from their behaviour is so obvious that they won't do anything until they are obliged to.

    All I can do when I use ebay (I do, I do, it's to usefull) is trying to be very very careful, stay informed, educate myself trying to know as much as possible about the product I am interested in, and spread the word, spread the word, spread the word spread the word.:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    People be aware!:death:
  4. Ebay DOES sometimes do a good job at removing these. I check it 1000 times a day and sometimes several times a day I'll see around 20 blatant fakes put up by the same seller and within an hour or so they're gone. They DO remove the super obvious ones SOMETIMES but not always.
  5. The ones I just saw a few minutes ago are gone. There were a ton listed under an obviously stolen identity (over 200 positives) for around $88 and they're gone now. This is great but there are still soooooooo many slightly HIGHER priced fakes which are even more of a crime. *sigh*
  6. I could care less about the 99 doll ones, except for the bother of sifting thru for the auth. It's the 900 doll fakes that bother me!!!
  7. I wrote a thread about this just now (? hmm where is it?)
    The thing is they are listed under fragrances...isn't that wild.