This is just Crazy!

  1. Okay look at these two auctions:


    Check out the pictures. Identical. Stock photos.

    Why has one been bid up to $260? And the other has a BIN of $165 and no one is interested!

  2. That is crazy?? and they are both from the same seller. :wtf:
  3. Uh oh, lol. I hope other people notice that and stop bidding.
  4. woah :nuts:
  5. ok obviously there is some shill bidding going on... !!!! :cursing:
  6. yeah I though that was just too weird ...who would pay that much for a campeggio when you can get a bigger one for that price??
  7. What does shill bidding mean? Its suspicious to me too...and I'm sick of these crazies driving up the bag prices!!!! I noticed that too.....something is very fishy and I'm sure that seller thinks he's hit paydirt.
  8. What I gather is that it's someone who bids on stuff just to make it look more desireable, basically. There was more to do with it on eBay....

    So they're like the guy in the audience that's paid to say "WOW! This is amazing!"
  9. That's horrible. I don't like the ones where the bidders ID is kept private. Why would it be kept private? Eh. Whatevs.
  10. Frogbubbles: we cant see the bidders...cuz its private..

    Jessaka: I did a private auction to protect my buyers from scammers offering second chance crap... Im sure other members here do it for that kind of reason or such..
  11. i put mine private too for my bags (and accidently for my manga lol) but i did it because of the second chance offer things but i explained that if they bother reading... kind of good considering i keep getting offers i have to decline :weird: because they're all too low
  12. vmasterz i guess that make sense. I thought they did that, not the seller.