This is just a phase... no?

  1. Maybe it's because I've run out of bags to buy :lol:, but now I've decided to collect discontinued items :weird:. It's a bit late for me to start, but better late than never. Here's a list of the discontinued items/colors that I'm determined to get:

    Monogram Klara
    Lilac Epi Jasmin (this I know many of you have witnessed me agonizing over :P!)
    Vernis Marshmallow Bedford (I already have an offer and am just waiting to follow through on it:cutesy:)
    Mini Monogram Navy TST Josephine PM
    * Mini Monogram Rose Trapeze PM
    * Cherry Blossom Papillon (Red/Cream)
    * Cerises Speedy 25
    * Conte de Fees Musette
    (I'm not sure about this yet, but I'm definitely considering it :yes:)

    So what say you, ladies? Am I crazy for going on a mad hunt only now for all these items? I know some of them will be extremely hard to come by, but now I'm checking eBay religiously to see if anything crops up :shame:.

    * items being watched on eBay :graucho:. Which do I get first? :wacko:
  2. Nah, with enough time you'd be able to snap them all up. The question is, can your bank account take it ? :graucho:

    (I know mine wouldn't be able to !)
  3. Oh gosh sandra mine is wayyyyyyy longer than yours girl:


    brown/pink pochette
    cream/red pochette
    cream/red pap (we're probably watching the same one LOL)
    brown/pink pap
    pink/pink pap
    all 3 color combos of retro

    all 3 pochettes
    one speedy
    one alma

    And probably conte de fees later on (pochette and musette)
  4. ooooooh get cerise and cherry blossom :biggrin: first
  5. Nice list you've got there....I'd start with either the cherry blossom papillon or trapeze.
  6. No, its definitly not crazy, its obvious that bags are your passion, so why not indulge?
    Some of them are going to be quite hard to come by, so your going to have to keep a good eye out lol!
    But others like the Cerises speedy 25 proabably isn't as hard as the others, I know there is one, availiable on Let-Trade at the moment, and there is also a Red on Cream papillion aviliable! So there is two off you list already lol! Go Check it out!
    But ultimately if you wan't to go for it, I say why not? You have got nothing to lose!
    I know that if I had the funds (I'm only 15 lol!) I'd definitly buy more of the limited editions, as they are just so gorgeous, and will always be worth something!
    Good luck Sandra, Let me know how you get on!
  7. oh, i always find a way to make my bank account take it :graucho:

    i'm glad that the only color i like from the Cherry Blossom line is the red/cream, and that the only bag i like is the Papillon :lol:. and it's also a good thing that the Graffiti Speedy only comes in the 30, because if it came in the 25 i'd buy that too!

    thanks Rose :flowers:. yeah i saw the ones listed by let-trade. but can i tell you a secret? my love for new/light patina has got me watching a Cerises Speedy and Cherry Blossom Papillon that are almost brand new :shame:, probably for more than what let-trade is charging
  8. If you really like it, then it's worth it.
  9. LOL sandra...I know...I"m in trouble because I like it all!
    I may end up only getting one of each from the retro & pap because they're so expensive.
    I really like the red/cream too...the blossoms just 'pop' out on that color combo.
    BTW....the red/cream that erdr's auction you're watching? I'm watching it too and just requested pics of the inside flap screws & stamp for authentication purposes....if I get them soon I'll post them in the authentication thread :smile:
  10. no, the one i'm watching is by another seller. the Cerises Speedy and Trapeze PM are also by the same seller.
  11. Oh, yes of course sandra, I totally forgot! You are like me and hate the Patina. If it was posssible to pay extra to stop the patina I totally would as I just can't stand it! lol! :mad: Oh well, Good luck with them both, let me know if you get them!
  12. oh and i would also like to mention that when i can REALLY afford it, i want either the white Franges Speedy or Bucket:wlae:
  13. yeuxhonnetes, since you're looking for older/discontinued items, I highly recommend you search on (they usually ship overseas using super fast EMS) but search by reference number for the best results. There's a great chance they'll have many, but they always jack up the price so you'll be paying a lot more than retail. Sometimes worth it if you wanted something really rare and gone. Oh, and it's always authentic. My Japanese friends help me with this all the time, and in fact, I used to search/buy things from this site by myself before I could read or understand any Japanese at all (it was easy and straightforward to order, too). Keep in mind that under the listed price, if there is a line of writing in red, it means it's Sold Out.
  14. ooooh, thanks :nuts:! i've seen that website before, but because i can't read Japanese, i just never bothered looking through it much
  15. get the cherry blossom first so i can envy u more!