This is it- ttc

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  1. ok issues with the Medical Group so im not waiting for coverage.. foudn out TOTAL they only cover 1500 USD.. what am i mean to do with that?!! its not worth the 3 month wait and panic.. so im going on gods wants.. we will try if i get preg before then cool.. if i get preg after than i cna claim that small amount..

    so guys SEND ME BABY DUST!! also i will start taking prenatals reguralay.. i keep forgetting to take them eheheh- ANY THOUGHT COMMENTS ANYTHING I SMOST HELPFUL
  2. Good Luck Hun!
  3. Sending baby dust your way hun. Best of luck with TTC and have fun!!!! :tup:
  4. hey, all the best! good luck - by the way, no idea where you are in the Middle East and how much the whole preggo and birth thing will cost you, but where I am this would have easily covered my pregnancy and birthing expenses (different than before in Germany). having said that, the insurance also only covered a fraction (so basically nothing..)
  5. Good luck! I went to a fertility clinic, had two appointments, did nothing and got pregnant naturally after sorta' trying for a while. Good luck to you!!
  6. Thanks guys- that amoubt will cover me if I go to a govt hospital they r not good at all so I don't want to take my chances :smile: I'm askin around where a good hospital is now- how do I know when I'm ovulating?
  7. Keep the prenatal vitamins at your bedside and take them every night before you go to sleep..
    If they are on your nightstand, you won't forget to take them cuz they'll be in your face staring at you!!
    Loads of baby dust to you!!
  8. First of all - I'm sending LOTS of BABYDUST your way!!

    As far as knowing when you are Oing...get an OPK; it will tell you when you are Oing and all you guys have to do is BD during that time :graucho:

    Good Luck!
  9. babyboo- good luck to you! :smile:
  10. Good luck and have fun TTC! Don't stress too much :smile: Lots of baby dust your way!
  11. Thanks everyone what's an opk? So besides prenatals there's nothin else I should do?
  12. Ooo- how exciting 'J'! GOOD LUCK!!!!:nuts:
  13. Thanks everyone!!! apprecaite the commetns and help! WOOHOO
  14. Ovulation Predictor Kit :tup: