This is IT!!! The perfect JUMBO !!!!

  1. Hello!! I just cannot resist and went to pick up my White JUMBO... Just can't... No words can describe my wonderful feelings now... its my 1st flap and yes I have exchanged my grey envelope flap (, although I love my envelope but i can only keep 1 at this moment. And to think that I also met up with a fellow TPFer to go to the store together, how often we TPFers get to meet up huh... :p this is truely a happy ocassion for me..

    As I said I just CANNNOOOOOOOOTTT resist the lure of the white beauty...:yahoo: and you gals know (as all white jumbo owners know) that I'm on cloud 9 now!! This is my true love... :love: here's a pix of her at my work desk now + Modeling pixs ...
    Jumbo.jpg IMAG0046.jpg IMAG0047.jpg IMAG0048.jpg
  2. oh my!! u are fast!
  3. oh I'm so happy for you :nuts:!I can share your excitement since you got something you truly love !great feeling for all the $$ we pay for!:heart:
    Congrats then on such a stunning beauty! Looks gorgeous on you and against your oufit!:drool:
  4. OK, now I think there is some sort of conspiracy going on! Are you trying to torture me! This is the second stunning white jumbo I have seen on the forum this week, and my resolve not to purchase this dream item is crumbling like a Martha Stewart apple pie! :lol:

    It looks amazing on you, and I am ridiculously envious :p
  5. so cute seeing your pix, makes me sway from wanting a beige one
  6. alwaysinvogue - White is the 'in' thingy now! hahahha, don't mean to 'torture' you but i swear this is a real stealer... none of my bags can match this...
  7. MessyLim :graucho:
  8. I totally feel the same way but without the pie!

    It is really amazing! Congrats:nuts:
  9. I know right??? I'm sooo Chanel'ed out $$$ wise just from this summer alone though, and am on a supposed bag ban until Christmas time (which is AFTER the price increase). :sad: I'm dying to get the white jumbo, and all you gorgeous ladies seem to be buying jumbo's this week! It's killin me!
  10. gorgeous, congrats
  11. ackkks! so you decided the jumbo after all!! but good choice , thumbs up! i would've chosen the jumbo anytime ;) where do you live i was wondering?? you seem to be in the same time zone as me lol :graucho: we could do a meet up toooo!
  12. oh Teddy, this is just too funny.

    But third time lucky right ;)

    So I won the bet, I said I could see you ending up with this bag lol

    Is it true love :biggrin:
  13. congrats! so many jumbos lately... everyone trying to beat the price increase!
  14. Yeap!! :yes: I am from the small red dot on the map:roflmfao: I think you also have the jumbo right? Hahaha... really such.. a gorgeous bag..
  15. :blush: Its definitely affirmative!!! And i just feel so silly running aroound :wacko: these few days over Chanel bags.... now i'm really settled down with my white babe.