This is it... I'm doomed, but oh so happy

  1. One step further down the orange path... This little box arrived today and I'm in:heart:
    This is pretty big for me, but a step that had to be taken...
  2. Any hints??????
  3. Oh my........a lovely orange box!!!! You ARE doomed, MsReya!!!!!! LOL!!!!!
  4. From bracelets and scarves to the heady aroma of H leather.. :girlsigh:
  5. :popcorn:
  6. is it a karo? it looks like a karo! fabulous color!
  7. Not a Karo (that's on my Paris shopping list:graucho:)

    But a perfect vert anis Dogon wallet! It was :heart: at first sight and now I have her:yahoo:
  8. Oh, BEAUTIFUL!!!! Such a happy color!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You'll use that wallet for years to come!!!!
  9. That is lovely~ I love the color. Low an behold I have this color as an accent in my sun room. So cheery! Congrats!
  10. Aha, a wallet! And girl, no piece of H is little :yes:
  11. Congratulations!
  12. hlfinn, S'mom, hermesgroupie, thank you!!! I'm hoping I won't get tired of this wallet so soon as with others :smile:
    razorbackbelle, they are all so meaningful and sometimes it takes so long to acquire them:girlsigh:
    Ghost55, I have some pieces of clothing in lime as well and my balcony has a lime coloured theme:tup: It's such a cheery colour, indeed!
  13. MsReya - great color and a lovely wallet! I have the same one:tup:
  14. oh i love this color! such as nice pop in any bag. no other brand does color better than Hermes.

    Congratz MsReya!
  15. It's really pretty! The colour is stunning.