This Is It! I Am So Sick Of Ebay & Paypal!

  1. :cursing: Have to rant! Got this YESTERDAY!: This Chanel Petit Tote was sold 3 MONTHS AGO ALMOST TO THE DAY!!! NOW THEY ARE FILING A CHARGEBACK! Who are these people? Girls, I think I am going to throw in that towel...I am tired of dealing with the buyers on eBay, Ebay itself, and is stated that the credit card company makes the decision...despite the fact that I had the item overnighted with SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am honestly just TIRED! If someone bids with the User Id: rawaa22 RUN!

    Now about $950 is tied up...I am so pissed I don't think that the smilies would do my anger justice! LOL!

    Dear Kristy (last name removed),

    We were recently notified that one of your buyers filed a chargeback and
    asked their card issuer to reverse a payment made to you.

    Although a chargeback may appear to be similar to a PayPal claim, it is
    actually a process initiated outside of PayPal and controlled by the card
    issuer. One of the unique benefits of using PayPal is that we help you
    fight unwarranted chargebacks and attempt to recover your funds.

    The chargeback states that the buyer's card was used to make a purchase
    without their knowledge.

    It is up to the card issuer to decide whether or not they believe that the
    buyer’s chargeback is valid and they are asking for some information about
    this transaction from you.
    Transaction Details

    Buyer's Name: (removed)
    Buyer's Email: (removed)

    Transaction Date:Jun 20, 2006
  2. The same thing happened to me, but I only lost $90 and a pair of used prada shoes (paid about $330) for them. I shipped to paypal address and had a signature confirmation. Buyer filed "unauthorized use claim" and then deregistered from ebay. Paypal gave the $$ back. I agree, its just not worth it anymore. I have not bothered with ebay since that incident in August. I share your pain....:cursing:
  3. i'm sorry to hear what happened with that ebay transaction. that's so unbelievable that someone would do that...especially after 3months! i've always thought that if a credit/debit card is used by someone else that the bank would cover the unauthorised used amount, not the merchandise seller/shop. i hope that everything would turn out ok...
  4. Thanks guys...yep, I also thought the bank or someone would help out...I am "eligible for protection" with Paypal b/c of the SIG confirmation etc, but I MEAN REALLY! This is SO not worth my time and or frustration!!!
  5. It took 3 months for the buyer to realize that? Here's how you throw everything you have at them.

    1) have Paypal give you a copy of where the buyer paid you, with the delivery address.

    2) get contact info from Ebay for the buyer so you can have the address the buyer has listed with Ebay.

    3) print out the feedback the buyer left you, if any.

    4) contact the credit card company that filed against you.

    5) show the CC company AND Paypal, that the buyer, did infact authorize this charge and they still have the item. Maybe the CC company will call the buyers bluff for waiting so long.
  6. One of the other ebay sellers already got their money released back to them! Hopefully mine will be back soon too!
  7. Sorry this happend to you Thompk, I always admire the bags you have listed, hope everything works out in your favor!
  8. :P I hope so too! I am just getting SO tired of people...I mean this is a question I got right after the dispute & charge back deal::wtf:

    Q: What kind of dumbass would ask more for something than they bought retail? (successachievement)

    It's safe to assume that she is now blocked from bidding on any of my auctions! Especially since this bag is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE & if there are any left...they go to the people who ordered them...such as myself! I mean, why would she take the time to even bother!:crybaby:
  9. OMG!!!! I can't believe someone emailed you that question. I hope you told them where to STICK IT.

    Good luck with getting your funds back. This is my biggest fear selling on Ebay. This always happens months later, too. What's up with that, isn't there some sort of time limit or something? Like 1 billing cycle, when they get the bill????? That's if it's legit, I mean on the buyers part. I know in this instance YOU are in the right as a seller. What's up with PAYPAL??? Don't they have any responsibility to not let buyers get away with this??? These buyers have obviously learned how to work the paypal system.

    :cursing: Keep us posted.
  10. Thanks for the kind responses...all of you...I am truly appalled at how one person can treat another! I know that they can't see my face, but I am still a person sitting in front of the computer!:P
  11. I had a bad experience on eBay too! The item has not been received yet,but I paid GBP 101.50 in total for a Louis Vuitton bag,and I had some of the members here to check for me but sadly to find that it was a fake. I have requested a refund,so I am waiting for a reply. and guess what..the seller has over 6,000 feedbacks,thats why i trusted even though it didnt look very real.
  12. I ALWAYS check to see what the seller has sold before...if it's a bunch of toys and then they are trying to pass off a Hermes item...chances are...I just won't bid:smile: I am just so tired of people complaining or making it difficult for me to even deal with eBay & Paypal!
  13. You did ship it to a confirmed address right?
  14. Yep...Plus signature shouldn't be a problem...but I will relax when I get my money back!
  15. I am so sorry this happened to you. This crap takes all the fun out of buying and selling on E-bay.