This is how pathetic I am....

  1. So I am sitting there in our Yamaha Rhino ATV watching my city's 4th of July parade as my husband and daughter are running around picking up candy and toys that the floats are throwing out. There is so much going on around, dogs on leashes, fire truck sirens, concessions, tons and tons of people and chaos....and what was I thinking about? All of the pathetically horrible and tacky handbags I kept seeing! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with LV and Balenciaga when 99% of the people who live around here are so ignorant to them, and to quality handbags in general. There are a LOT of wealthy people that live in this area too, but they just don't care. It makes me sad. And then I get sad because I realize I spent my holiday silently cringing at all of the ugly purses. It was like eyeball abuse! I am pathetic.........:amazed:
  2. i do that at Ala Moana and on the Waikiki strip every weekend... if all the nightlife wasn't in those two locations- I would NEVER go--- I hate the way my face looks when its twisted in disgust at all the AWFUL fakes I see every 3 steps! :sick: Not that I can expect much from the masses of tourists that flood in and out of here... If I lived on Maui i might have a better shot at seeing good purses (and fashion), but here- the locals (mostly) are all about comfort over style, and the tourists all wear "resort wear" with their fake LVs and Guccis and plastic flipflops with silk flowers HOT GLUED to them.

    Although i gotta say- there is sometimes a group of tourists (usually japanese) who pop up and dazzle me with their style!
  3. HAHAH. I know exactly how that's like! i think i've become such a purse snob after my first I can't walk anywhere without thinking, "ewww that's an ugly plastically bag", or when I walk into Macy's I'm like, "ewwww, soooo tacky, smells bag, feels like plastic." And even when I look at my expensive pradas and guccis, I'm like, "ewwww so hard, why isn't it smoochy!?" HELP!
  4. hehehe... yep! we're all spoilt by bbags. I just dont like woven prints, thick leather or garish colors anymore! Maybe i'm getting old. or wise. whatever!
  5. yea....its "sad"...