This is how a very well used Miroir looks like

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. WHOA! I HATE how it looks ready to fall apart, its only been a YEAR since it came out! but on the other hand I dont know why but it looks kinda vintagey and cool, I guess I gotta baby my pap more too, but I use 1-2 times a month TOPS but I have a feeling the paillion may be exempt from turning as nasty as the others would as quickly because its smaller and holds much less so it won't strech/warp/peel, just don't over stuff ANY miroirs and they will be fine.
  3. Oh dear... that bag looks like a goner.
  4. I'm not sure if I'll get the Miroir cosmetics case anymore,I hate wrinkles and glue mark.:yucky:
  5. Well that person made good use of their purchase!
    The edges are so worn ugly is that!! There's actually people who want to buy it too!! GOSH!
  6. wow, I cant believe it looks that bad...worse than used alot vernis LOL.
  7. It looks like a herd of cattle stepped on it !!!
    Poor Miroir Speedy !! :crybaby:

    Anyway, thanks alot for posting those pics, I think when LV originally released the Miroirs, the PVC was different than that of the recent Miroir Lockits (so my SA tells me)....hopefully the soon to be released Miroir cosmetic cases and coeurs (hearts) will have the same sturdy PVC as the Lockits....:tup:

    Also, the shape of the original Miroir Speedy itself gives more points of "stress" on the bag, so i'm not surprised this bag looks like it was either sooooo LVoed or sooooo abused....:s
  8. OMG can we please have a moment of silence for that poor bag :crybaby:
  9. <gasp>, what a sight! I can't believe that happened to such a beautiful piece. It's such a pity. But the plus side is that the cosmetics case and hearts cannot hold much and will be carried inside other items so there shouldn't be any stress points.
  10. :roflmfao: Yeah it's earned it.

    More and more I'm rethinking my intended purchase of a miroir cosmetics case. Somehow I just can't see it standing up to the wear it would be subjected to.
  11. ^ that's not wear it's abuse it looks like it's been run over...........repeatedly!
  12. I saw that, that made me sad! Lol.
    I've used mine a lot and it looks nowhere near as bad as that one thank goodness. I think that one was used and abused on a daily basis.
  13. ehh the bottom isn't that bad, but who ever used this bag should have been arrested =(
  14. :crybaby: Eeek! auction says it's still in usable condition. If you have low aestetic standards that is...