This is horrible, please read...........

  1. Sorry but I had to post this, please keep this family in your prayers and please remember to drive safe every time you get in your car!! OMG, this poor couple, could you imagine losing all three of your little kids at once?? It really breaks my heart.

    here is the family's website, it has the couple's email address on it if you want to contact them.

  2. I just... can't even imagine. What a tragedy! I can't even look at their website.
  3. I saw that on the news yesterday. Such a horrible tragedy. I will say a prayer for the family tonight.
  4. OMG that is so horrible. That poor family I can not even imagine.
  5. That is so devastating..I have no other other words for this.. I will definitely keep them in my thoughts ad prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Oh no. Oh no,no, no...
  7. OMG how sad :Crybaby:
    all prayers for them....
  8. this gets me more than anything else in the world. I have two kids myself and i know that if I were in this situation I simply could not go on.

    God knows where they will find the strength to carry on after this, sooo sad.
  9. Prayers, a lot of Prayers!
  10. Heartbreaking...sorrow, sympathy, and so many prayers for this family. There are no words...I just can not even imagine.
  11. I hope the couple and their families can survive this. I don't know how you learn to live with such a tragedy- unbelievable.
  12. That is the most horrible thing. I can not even begin to really think about it, how awful.
  13. this poor, poor family...i can't even imagine.
  14. How on earth can you go on after this? Heartbreaking.:crybaby:
  15. What a gorgeous God, what a tragedy....they are in my thoughts.