This is horrible. My bow bag got totally ruined, broken perfume bottle...

  1. This is a very sad post to write.

    The palissandro bow bag was my first true bag love. My first designer bag and the bag that started my passion.

    I babied it for years, have used it soo rarely, it was in perfect condition for a bag a few years old.

    But something happened. A while ago a perfume bottle broke inside of it, and I have tried EVERYTHING to remove the smell.
    I tried to get it professionally cleaned with no luck. I tried to wipe it again and again.
    I tried to let it hang outside every day and inside during the night. I tried the baking soda trick for weeks. I even tried an ionizing machine that they use to get smell out of car seats at the local mercedes benz...

    But this bag was not possible to restore. And yesterday I got the insurance money for it. :nogood:
  2. So sorry to hear! I didn't know that bags can be insured against such things.
  3. Mine did :smile: Luckily...
  4. That's awful! I did something similar with mine. My travel coffee mug wasn't closed properly and spilled inside my Miu Miu matellesse bag. I let it dry naturally but the leather hasn't felt the same since :cry: