This is gorgeous...Does anyone have it??

  1. Pelinaka has the one but with green handles. I am sure she'd know if it's hard to maintain. I hope she reads this.:smile:
  2. its gorgeous.. I want it now...but I dont know about white.>!!!
  3. Yes, LV_addict is right! I do have this bag in green/white and although it is really cute, it is much harder to care for than my other spys.
  4. I have this in the BLACK handles and white...mine's the lizard trim one though.... honestly. i HAVEN"T TAKEN IT OUT!!!!! too afraid to dirty it.. but i stare at it all the time.. hahah =P
  5. I have that bag in both black trim and red trim and I take it everywhere with me - it expands well when I have a bunch of junk in it, and it collapses well when it is on the empty side. I haven't had any problems with it getting dirty at all...
  6. It looks pretty. I fear getting such colors dirty as well. It just frustrates me.
  7. I think it's a beautiful spy! Get it if you love it. It's rare for sure, and you have to take care of it. White bags aren't for me, but I know girls with white Spies and they get on very well.
  8. It sold for less than $1600!!! What a steal!!
  9. That is a good price for it! It's a beauty too! Wow!
  10. However, it didn't actually meet the reserve price, so the seller didn't have to sell the bag to the top bidder. Perhaps it's still available and will be up for sale again?