This is gorgeous! Come see!!!

  1. Seriously, I love this- it is beautiful and if I could only afford it, it would be mine! Just had to share!!! The Neiman Marcus Exclusive Bottega for $6,800.00

    And if any of you want Santa to get this for you, it's at the NM in Troy, MI. Call Lisa Hamlin at (258) 635-8442 if you dare!!! (so jealous if you do)

  2. Gorgeous bag - is it ostrich? Is that you in the pic jag, you look great and love the sleeve on the lovely dress!
  3. I only wish! That is my SA, Lisa! I will pass on the compliments, she will love it!

    Yes, it is ostrich and exclusive to NM. I just thought it was particularly beautiful, and I love the shape. Now, if I had a money tree, this would not be an issue!:p
  4. Thanks for posting! I love the ivory dress too. Thats a great price for ostrich but the bag is not speaking to me. :wlae: Now if only the mini pink ostrich cabats were available for this price.... :hysteric:
  5. i saw that bag on NM's website. Ostrich Ostrich Ostrich! maybe santa will bring me a ostrich bag like the cabat or the milano bag that uclaboi has.

    I really want a bird for X'mas!:crybaby:
  6. I don't know if the Charlotte NM still has it, but I tried it on and it is indeed lovely. The SA seemed to think I would buy it if I had it on my shoulder. That would blow the cc bill for quite some time. IMO, it's a really stylish bag. If I were wealthy, I'd buy it. Heck, if I were wealthy, I'd buy you one too, jag!
  7. It is gorgeous!! I love Ostrich bags but doubt I will ever afford one! :nuts:
  8. Ditto! lol
  9. What a lovely bag and a beautiful color. Only if I were rich enough......... I should add it to my Christmas dreamlist.....

  10. Awww, you are too sweet! If only..... ahhh, a girl can dream!:love:
  11. Wow, wow, and more wow! I never thought I would lust over ostrich...knobby skin and all, but this and some choice H bags have totally changed my outlook on birds!
  12. Stunning bag! I do so want an ostrich bag....some day!
  13. What is it with ostrich that just makes bags so desirable? It's beautiful
  14. :nuts:

    That's gorgeous! And I'm not even all that crazy about Ostrich... yet. :rolleyes: And I'm def trying to keep it that way for a long time :p
  15. :girlsigh:

    i am dreaming....