This is GOOD news I wanted to share! "A Cupful of Kindness"

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    A cupful of kindness

    A Starbucks customer buys coffee for the car behind her, starting a two-hour chain reaction of goodwill.

    I didn't watch the video, I just thought it was a nice thing that happened and wanted to share. Its the holidays yay! I told DH I wanted to go through some drivethru during lunch (when its busy) and try

    **video from yahoo

    EDIT: ok I watched the video, its suitable for everyone.
  2. This is soooo funny that you posted this. Last night H came home and said that when he went through the drive thru at my neighbourhood Tim Hortons, the woman who handed him his order said, "Merry Christmas, the man in front of you just paid for your coffee." My H said he was shocked but that it had made his day. (I guess this time the chain didn't go too far, but it did make someone happy.:yes:)
  3. aww..that's so thoughtful and nice!
  4. That's really nice. People should do some random acts of kindness year round, the world would be a better place.
  5. Thank you for sharing this. Very thoughtful of them to do that.
  6. That is awesome! 2 hours? That is insane! But insane in a good way.

    I don't drink coffee so the person behind me would have gotten 2 coffee's from me. LOL!
  7. i didn't watch the video either.

    does anyone know where this happened?
  8. I love that!! I think I might do this when I go to starbucks tommorow morning. I love how they are starting to have drive thrus now!!!
  9. Now that is a true RAOK! Since I dont drink Starbucks, I might do that the next time I go to Jamba Juice:smile: Really gets you into the Holiday spirit!!
  10. very cool!
  11. Great!