This is gonna sound funny... but I GOTTA ASK!...

  1. how do you pronounce BALENCIAGA? :shrugs:

    I've been wondering about that for awhile, and I don't want to mis-pronounce it... so I thought I come here and ask...

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  2. BAH-LEN-SEE-AH-GA. It's Spanish, so the "cia" is see-ah, and not like the Italian chee-ah.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. ^^ No, I'm pretty certain that's right. That's how I say it, anyway.
  4. That's how I say it, too.:yes:
  5. You are correct, Roxane.
  6. Thanks Gals~
  7. definitely not -chi-aga, but i think the c should technically have a bit of a th sort of tinge since he was spanish (or was he basque?). the closest english sound i can think of is the th in thick, but quite softly.
  8. Yes you are right!
    Is like a th or Z.
    Balenciaga was basque (from Bilbao, Noth of Spain) :yes:
  9. That's how I pronounce it too.
  10. me too!!!
  11. ahhhh we are alll soooo worldly!!
  12. i was wondering this too, just too afraid to ask. glad i got that figured out.
  13. i pronounced it ba-len-sea-a-ga
  14. Oh, yes, of course. I don't know Spanish, but have heard enough. It's like speaking with a lithp (lisp ;) )
  15. My spanish teacher said a "C" in Spanish is either pronouced "TH" or "Z" depending on the location where you're from, so both are correct. You can pronounce it BA-LEN-THEE-A-GA or BA-LEN-SEE-A-GA. Apparently the latinos would say more of the latter and spaniards of the former...