This is going to sound so silly...but...

  1. I have never had an LV bag before and this forum has really helped me decide exactly what I want. :yes: My only fear is walking into my LV boutique (closest one is on 5th Avenue in Manhattan) and having my first store experience ruined. Anyone have any tips on making this the best experience possible? lol. I feel so silly for asking...

    I went into Gucci once, and most of the SA's there were rude...didn't bother looking at me, so it's kind of turned me off into going to boutiques to purchase items.

    Hope to see responses soon. :smile:
  2. If you know exactly what you want, then it shouldn't be too difficult. The SAs will usually show you what you ask for and maybe a few other styles that are similar. If they show you a display piece and decide that is the bag you want, make sure you ask if they have any more of the bag in stock and have them bring you a 'new' one--I don't like buying display pieces, unless it some kind of limited edition, hard to find bag. What bag are you interested in buying?
  3. hey! well don't be intimidated by some SAs, cuz afterall, that's their JOB to serve ya! Sometimes they may be a lil busy, but don't be discouraged! If they don't initiate a smile/greeting, then you give them a smile first. I'm sure you'll have a great time :biggrin:
  4. I think some of it has to do w/ your attitude and expectations when you walk in.

    If you look shy or uncomfortable, you'll probably be left alone, which means you may be ignored.
    If you walk in and reposnd to greetings w/ a smile and some eye contact, they'll probably want to give you more attention:yes:

    Walk in, be confident, expect great service you'll be fine!
  5. Thank you!! lol

    I am really interested in my first piece being a speedy 25 in damier...preferably the azur, but I doubt I will get my hands on that for a while, lol. So, I'm going to stick with the classic. I was also debating on whether or not I wanted to go with the mono speedy...

    I LOVE the vernis line for accessories, too. So many things to consider! :shrugs:
  6. A damier speedy with a Pomme d'Amour wallet would be gorgeous!! :yes:
  7. Oh that sounds so hot! I think I'll take you up on that suggestion! Thanks!
  8. My best suggestion is be knowledgable about what you want before going in. That way you have specific goals for going in there and not just a browser. :biggrin:
  9. You'll be just your favor you are familiar with the line and have some idea(s) of what it is you want. I agree w/Swanky...go in confidently, respond w/smile and eye contact...don't be nervous, the SAs are people just like you and I...regardless that they're selling high end, designer goods doesn't make them superior beings.

    Good luck, enoy yourself and let us know what you bring back!!
  10. i am the same i am nervous about going in becuase i am younge i think they will think i will not buy anything so they might be rude because they think i wont buy anything
  11. Absolutely! I'm 20, myself, and I have my "young-looking" days and then my "mature" ones, lol. I work in customer service myself, so I deal with rude people all the time, but that's over the phone - it's so different in person. But, I think being confident/eye contact/smiles - are always a good approach. I smile at everyone, anyway. So, hopefully that'll get me somewhere!

    A friend of mine had a situation where she walked into LV with timberland boots, jeans, and her school purse and everyone ignored her when she asked for help. So, she said aloud, "I've got $5,000 to spend, and no one here wants to help me...hmm..." She's so silly.

    And once I get there I will definitely report back and show pix on my purchase. I'm so excited! lol
  12. I agree, definately ask for a "new" item and make sure to inspect it carefully for any flaws while you are in the store. I bought a manhattan and the handles were sewn on crooked and I didn't realize it till I was at home 45 mins away! Oh and ask for a box as well. They are great to store your bags in.......oh and of course the dustbag! The SA who I bought my Coussin from jammed it into the smallest dustbag possible. I ended up having to ask for a bigger one. I also like to get my receipt put in an envelope as well, then I keep my tags from the bag inside the envelope with teh receipt. Anal organization! hehe
  13. It's all about confidence. It won't hurt to dress somewhat nice. If your plastic works, there's no reason for them not to be nice to you.

    Good luck...
  14. I'm sure you'll have a great experience - it's so exciting going to LV whether it's your first visit or 100th visit.:wlae:
    Look forward to seeing your pics!
  15. whenever I go in I know exactly what I want so the SA always gets really excited to hear that and they're very helpful. so my advice is to know exactly what you want or at least have a good idea so you can help them make their job a little easier.