**This Is Going To GET UGLY, Donald Trump Is All Set To Sue Rosie***

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  1. This Is Going To GET UGLY

    Donald Trump is set to sue 'The View' host Rosie O'Donnell!

    Earlier this today, The Donald announced he is filing suit against the TV talk show host. "She says things that come to her mouth, she's not smart, she's crude, she's ignorant and to be honest I look forward to suing Rosie. I'm gonna sue her and I look forward to it. She's really very dangerous for the show."

    Trump declined to elaborate on the details of his proposed legal filings, but added Rosie will understand his reasoning. "Rosie will find out what we're suing her for. She knows what we're suing her for," he said adding the lawsuit is already in the works. "It's something I look very forward to," he added.

    So, just what did Rosie do to to irk the golden man of publicity? Earlier today, Ro attacked Trump, branding him a "snake-oil salesman" and calling his staging of a press conference, in which he decided to allow Miss USA, Tara Conner to keep her crown a publicity stunt. Trump allowed Tara to keep her title following a wave of reports and criticism over her engagement in underage drinking.

    Rosie ranted: "There he is, hair looping, going everyone, everyone deserves a second chance. He's the moral authority? Left the first wife, had an affair, left the second wife, had an affair, had kids both times, but he's the moral compass for twenty year olds in America. Donald, sit and spin, my friend!"

    Words can be hurtful but I think when she flipped her hair over and spoke like Trump, it really stung the sleazeball. She managed to capture his swinish essencce effortlessly.

    CLICK HERE to check out a clip of Trump railing on Rosie. It's truly pathetic!
  2. Maybe he can just buy ABC instead, save some $....
  3. I think Rosie only spoke the truth, what can he possibly sue her about? He's all about the publicity, I'm sure he just loves it!
  4. Well, he can basically sue her for having less money. He can afford to keep the suit going, even if it's bogus, longer than she can afford to fight it.

    So she has the option of offering him whatever money or property she may have in exchange for him dropping it, unless, of course, ABC wishes to step in and fight her side, in which case it will depend on whether Trump wishes to purchase ABC. That will certainly be suggested to him by his people as the most cost-effective solution.

    Edit to note that I just remembered, I think that Disney still owns ABC. And isn't Disney now also the owner of Time Warner or vice versa?

    Somebody who is more up on who owns who or feels like poking around theyrule.net can probably figure out at what point the Trump companies already intersect, and what the details of the eventual financial transaction will be....
  5. what a jok...lol..the truth hurts!
  6. Rosie's points may be valid (sometimes) but she gets on my last nerve. I think she blows MANY things way out of proportion.
  7. He's suing her for her OPINION?
  8. whats wrong with trump lately? firing on ppl?
  9. I doubt Trump gets anywhere with his suit but I do wonder what makes Rosie think the personal attack was warranted. He OWNS the competition, he had the right to fire her based on the contract she signed. Her comments would've made more sense if she had been fired. Also, there are many Americans who think that Rosie's living situation is immoral - as we learned with the Kelly Ripa situation, she would not like someone commenting on her chosen lifestyle. Sometimes she just needs to shut up.
  10. Rosie didn't make remarks that weren't already public knowledge.The tabloids have plastered his ridiculous comb over,his bankruptcy filings,his affairs etc more times than you can count.

    Rosie has put her foot in her mouth lately but this time she hit the nail on the head and got plenty of laughs at his expense,that's what ruffled his feathers.
    Thanks for the laugh Rosie!!!
  11. Hmm This is weird.. so what she said her opinion!!
  12. I'm on Team Rosie with this one. And I RARELY allign myself with anything SHE says. LOL!
  13. I hope he sues her just to annoy her.:Push: I'd rather have my wisdom teeth pulled everyday than listen to her ridiculous rants.

    I can't stand Trump, but GO TRUMP!!! Sue her sorry self!!!!:yahoo:
  14. I have to side with Rosie on this one as well. I think she was right on with what she said about Trump!!

  15. Same here.

    Of course no one should condone underage drinking, but I think Trump blew it out of proportion to garner publicity. He LIVES for publicity. And when I heard about the situation, I said pretty much the same thing as Rosie...who is he to talk about morals with the life he has managed to lead thus far?

    As for the suit, I suspect it is frivolous. And money or not, the courts won't go but so far with a frivolous suit. He's just trying to save face because Rosie called him out on the truth.